Choices in H-Games

| The future is now

(The game's called Colette the Cum Collecting Alchemist)

| The girl's an "alcumist". I love this game already

| This is what i call revolution!
>I seen it on steam but still waiting for the discount. How the "gameplay"?

| >>656297
I do wonder how the gameplay is. This game looks promising.
H-games need tons more choices.

| Standard JRPG mechanics and collecting random stuff off the ground for crafting so far. Not that great so disappointing cause I like alchemy mechanics in games. Mana Khemia was great.

| Sounds fun

| There should be a middle boob choice, but aside from that, sounds kinda nice.

| >>656328
agree with that my dude

| Wait so is she your player character and do you fuck other girls because if so I'm big in

| >>656968 there is atleast 1 cg where you are the one who fuck.

| But do you fuck girls or do you get fucked by random dudes, side note that should be a thing hentai game with paths of fuckin a bunch of dudes or girls or both, way too much art needed to make that work probably though

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