I ain't a furry but

| I wanna bang the zoologist from Terraria so bad, holy shit.

| >>655746 I ain't a furry expert, but you're a furry

| That's pretty furry to me

| Does wanting to bang catgirls make me a furry?

| >>655769
Depends on how furry the catgirl is. There's several guides you can check.

| >>655769
Does it matter? If you enjoy it you enjoy it. No need to label every single aspect of yourself.

| I aint a furry but i'd date the dancing tiger from zootopia

| >>655803 true wisdom

| Who care fucking an animals ain't a crime oh wait..

| Some with loli, rape, exhibitionism, and other fetish.

As long as you don't so it IRL, nobody cares.

| >>655969
People do care, way more than they should. That doesn't mean it matters at all though, because it really doesn't, and good people won't care that you have those fetishes.

| Aw, let's please not get serious in this thread, please. I just wanted to express about how I feel about this new Terraria NPC, everytime I use the recall potion the first thing I see is her and it just makes me damn horny

| >>655946 it's legal in some places still for some reason.

| Most of the us just haven't bothered to pass a law it's not a huge issue in most community's believe it or not

| >>656233 >>656261 OP declared this a non-serious discussion thread. You want to talk about bestiality laws? Make your own thread.

| And to think this all started because a g/u/rl asked if banging catgirls is furry.

| Oh wait that was me. Oops.

| Political c/u/nts are annoying, huh?

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