It not like i want to have sex with you or anything!

| Dummy!

| Can't. I just finished wanking.

| B-baka!

| >>655538
It's okay to just hold hands ?

| >>655569

| >>655654
ewww, there's something sticky on your hands...

| >>655669
B-but I washed them...

| >>655679
Oh yea ?
>checks your hands

Oh they're so so~ft !
Oh they smell of soap... sry for doubting you...

| >>655695
>Accidentally cums on hands

Fuck! Sorry! I didn't mean to! I just saw this g/u/rl touching them and I couldn't help it! I'll lick it off!

| >>655743
Great now you ruined my moment with >>655695

| >>655767
I'm sorry! You can lick it yourself if you want. I was just walking by and it happened and I'm really embarrassed about it and I'm sorry :(

| This is some 9anifuk)painful shit, ngl

| >>655767
It's okay, we can have handholding later ;_;

| >>655841 OP here i'm sorry

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