Why do u like big oppai

| What abt smol oppai :c

| big oppai soft

| >>655523 but what abt smol ones. They soft too :c

| all oppai are nice.

| >>655553 you can't stick your dick all the way into smol oppai like you can big oppai it's basically a second pussy but better

| Smol cute oppai is the best oppai :)

| Big oppai means her heart is big, so biggu oppai better

| >>655600
So many things to stick your dick into, and you chose something that's not an orifice.
Also wtf, you can't have a dick in here, that's illegal.

| Big oppai is best oppai OP, nothing you can do to persuade it

| big oppai soft and squishy, small oppai good for hugs. both are good

| >>655819
This is straight facts

| >>655819 This was made by the big oppai gang

| As folk wisdom goes: "The most important in oppai is the person they're attached to"

| Big oppai can be used as pillows and I like using gf's hongalogongas when I want to lay down while being close to her

| >>656384
I wish I could know what that feels like :(

| >>656384 lap pillows are best pillows.

| Big oppai is soft. So soft it helps me forget that existence is meaningless and we are all just ants compared to the universe. Also they're jiggly.

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