First sex

| What was your first experience with kex?

| Havent.

| I'll never lose my virginity because I hate to lose!!!!

| ^

| >Highschool bathroom.
>Chickened out last minute
>but he put it in anyway.
>kept telling him to stop but he continued still
>dunno if it was rape. Some of my friends said it was but im pretty confused if it really is

| 1.5 hours, i haven't cummed, we had a shower together afterwards and fell asleep dead tired.
She blew me the next morning so i came finally.

No it wasn't. You can't just change your mind when he stands in front of you with his dick out.

| >>654911 gurl it was my first time ahh i was 14

| >>654909 >>654911

Hope this is a joke. Definitely constitutes a rape by most any definition.

| >>654909 That's rape and the retard saying it wasn't probably said so because he raped a few persons like that.
Rape is about lack of consent, saying no is not consenting, and the fact that he continued while you were telling him to stop makes it even worse.

| >>654911
>You can't just change your mind
Why not?

| >>654931 It's not a joke, srry.
I didnt consider it as rape because rape cases that are reported are usually worse than what i experienced. I partly blame myself because i let what we were doing get that far. As horny as i was (being 14), i was scared to do it all the way, (just wanted to kiss a lot) that's why i told him to please stop and that i really didnt want to do this. But he was too busy trying to find the hole so he can ram his dick in. And ram he did.

| Da dun In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous.

| >>654955
Because there's a time limit.
You can't change your mind after the fact, like some degenerates do nowadays. They cry rape and make the whole system look bad. Every false cry introduces doubt for everyone before and after.
Also, kids are not the same as adults.

| >>7b32e9 You shouldn't blame yourself even partially. It sounds like you knew what you wanted and made that clear at the time (more than once I might add) but he was just being a hormone fuelled douche.
You don't have to remember it as some tragedy, but don't blame yourself for the bad experience.

| >>655134 exactly this... there's no excuse for someone to not listen if their partner is telling them to stop (or anything else really but that's the big one)

| >>655117 while I agree that false rape accusation is shitty and gets abused. I don't see how the guy can't just be like "oh, you are not comfortable with this? Okay, we'll do it next time".

This is not a quiz show, in which your first answer is the accepted one. When someone wants to stop, no matter from which gender ask that, then it should stop.

| Also "I said we can do it next time" is so much of a better defense than "she said okay first, she can't change her mind" when you get accused of rape.

| If you fuck someone, no matter your gender, and the other person wants to stop, and you don't, you're a rapist. Easy as that. Sure, there are fake rape accusations, but that doesn't change the definition of rape or make it not rape. Even if it's in the middle of sex, if one of the parts want to stop, you need to stop. It's law, not personal definition.

| Awkward af and he got all sad because he thought he pressured me into it when it was mostly that I'm an intimate wreck and have less than no clue how to act or react in new situations so I just looked scared the whole time. But also because it turns out I was gay.

| First time at 16, I had the house to myself for a few days so I had my gf sleep over- we talked about doing some stuff but couldn't really work up the courage to. We wound up sticking with oral for a while and then we got in bed and cuddles, falling asleep in eachothers arms. (Pt 1/2)

| >>655658 out of 3, my bad

| We both woke up at like 3am or so and since we didn't have the brain power to be nervous- with that being said we grabbed a condom, I started to put it on inside out and she corrected me so I tossed it out and put on a different one properly. (Pt 2/3)

| From there we wound up fucking for something like half an hour or so- we had the office on in the background and almost two episodes passed, it was the first time for both of us and it hurt her a bit but I went real slow so it wasn't too bad. Things got a lot better as we went on and we've had a good sex life since. (Pt 3/3)

| >>655661
sounds like a good first experience

| I lost my virginity at 15 in the high school bathroom :p
Got sucked a bit, then only stuck it in a little, not too much. We were still very inexperienced.

| >big titty Dom goth gf
>First time she comes over she teaches me the ropes
>Rides me
>Fuck yeah
>Basically pass out afterwards and get cuddled with post nut bliss

| >>656349
Hell yeah!

| >>656349
Now that sounds legendary

| Never.

| still have my v card and might not be losing it anytimesoon

| >>657281, same
Sometimes you think that if you didn't lose it when you were a teenager you lost an opportunity to just let loose and experiment
And then it just gets more awkward to look for sex the older you get, like you don't have rights to be even curious anymore, the train left the station you snooze you lose

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