I did it g/u/rls!

| I sold my nudes!

| Congrats!

| Are you the "I have feet, how to sell" gurl?

| I'm happy for you :)

| Degeneracy is sin :)

| Which one?

| >>652105 nah, that's me. Way to go OP. Remember not to do anything you aren't comfortable with!

| What's it like?

| >>652071
Congratulations, you are now a whore!
Your mom must be so proud.

| You know sometimes I wish I was a girl so I could do stuff like this and get that easy money from simps. Life would be so much easier

| >>653011 were you careful about what you were doing, or is he going to trace it back to you? Consider nuking connections between you and your lewd account. Know every piece of evidence you have put out there (state, name, etc) and try obfuscating/deleting it. Worst case scenario, you delete everything and disappear from social media for a while.

| Congratulations, i just did the same a few days ago, what platform did you used? Paypal or something else?

| Congratulations, you're officially an e-thot

| I love sex.

| (._.) please stay safe... wtf

| Fuck you all, nudes are prohibited by Jesus

| >>654401
Please go, Big Fig Leaf.

| >>652989 if you are a trap like me u can get money too ^^

| >>654427
So do you lie awake at night, knowing that there are people out there raping you in their mind?

| >>655118 that's kinda hot ngl

| >>655616
no ?

| >>655118 how do you know if nobody does though? What if everybody fantasizes about you like that but you don't know? Maybe nobody does, but again, you don't know! Better not to think about it.

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