How to smoothly ask for gay ?

| Help me g/u/rls !!
There is this girl I like but I don't know how to ask her if she's into girls ;-;
And my high school has a lot of homophobic student so I'm freaking out rn

| You take faith in god and realize homosexuality is immoral and begin a new life of faith and holiness in which you find happiness in marriage with a man. :)

| I need real help, not this kind of bullshit :D

| Consider pinning her against the school's wall and making sweet sensual love to her.

| The alternative is push her up against her locker, pushing your breasts against her and essentially "ara ara'ing" her but yknow, thats pretty fucking gay and immoral and unnatural :^)

| Y'all are really homophobic damn :') I support you but I don't have advice, Cheer up g/u/rl !

| chat her up

| Ara ara +1

| Just, like, talk to her. Then, if she seems kinda gay, just, like, fuck her.

| OP, try and drop hints and see if she's at least an ally. Like maybe you're sad about not being able to go a pride parade due to CV or do you have a girl crush on any celebrities or mention a movie with a gay couple getting married and see how she feels about it. If she checks out as at least ally adjacent then telling her how you feel at least would be at least safer. Just be safe, much love and best of luck g/u/rl!!!! <3<3<3

| >>651496
pls leave LGBIBBY cancer

| Fuck her with your g/u/rl dick untill she gay

| Just dont be homosexual simple as. Solution to your dilemma :)

| >>651506 no lolol

| Why dont you accidentally on purpose touch her eg on her butt

| So uhh solutions in this thread:
"Just don't be gay lol"
*Sexual assault*
And >>651496

| Not op but y'all suck at giving advice

| I'd push >>651814 up against a locker and kiss her. Can I push you up against a locker and kiss you?

| Ill push you up against a locker and tell you the importance of the Lord Jesus Christ :)

| i didn't post anything since i don't really know, but i think what >>651496 makes a lot of sense. you could even bring allyship up in a less personal context, isn't it fucked up/cool that thos thing happened etc, if that seems safer. I hope it goes well!

| >>651813 >>651950
it kind of is the best advice post in the thread except it's a LGBTBBQ cringe trash version. i'm bi but i fucking hate lgbt because it's political garbage that tries to fucking appropriate shit when really nobody needs it. just be gay and shut the fuck up.
hope OP gets her girl!

| >>651973 can't shut the fuck up and give advice at the same time???

| >>652025
wtf are you talking about...
I suspect you might have misread that.

| >>652025
difficult brains sad

| >>651973
I don't see the point in caring, because honestly nobody gives a fuck. People who spend time complaining about LGBT are wasting their time. People who spend their time shouting about LGBT are wasting their time. The reason people shout about it is because a lot of LGBT people do get discriminated. But some people shout too loud, and it's annoying. Then there are the people who take every chance possible to talk about why they don't like it, and it's annoying as fuck.

| >>652066
i just wish it died already.

| >>652074
It won't until LGBT is fully accepted, and complaining about it does not help with acceptance, so it's just a dumb ass cycle.

| >>652081
sounds fashy to me, ya fooken tyrant.

| >>652096
I ain't saying it should, I ain't saying it shouldn't. I'm just saying the objective truth.

| I'm just trying to say homosexuality is wrong and theres still always a second chance :)
I was once a degenerate and now I've moved past that and realized the errors of my ways. Life is much better now and fills me with purpose. Change your ways now my friends, there is always forgiveness in the Lord. :)

| >>652133 I want to be in the lord of you know what I mean

| I didn't want to start a controversy with this thread ;-;
I just thought it was okay, they are many lgbt+ character in Va-11 hall-a so....

| >>652269 femboy seem to be mostly accept here.. maybe? It might not look like it but there are quite alot of unique user on this board. Also thread like this should be on /u/ if you asking for actual advice. ppl just want to sex here on /d/

| >>652269 there are a few assholes who have been shitting up /u/ especially lately but also /d/, and a lot of trolls. it definitely is okay

| >>652285
/u/ is worse in my opinion. I try to avoid having my threads there.

| >>652269 it is ok it's the idiots who I assume are just trolling aren't

| >>652276

No one actually cares what people refer to themselves as on this website.

| Incidentally, most people here are also LGBT in some form, and no one really cares if you are or not.

| Mod saying some real shit.

| >>652096 >>652379 wellp thats true m8

| Wellp im kind of bi /gay

So... You can be yolo an ask her like " sooo im. Into girls how about you?... Ok first be friends! Like BFF, and in time ask what she thinks about the topic of be... Bi/gay/try/experiment


GO wt the Flow, relax, smile and be kind of touch person ; hugs and stuff like that

Talk a lot wt her and whtsp in the night, be in her life first!


| >>652425
Holy shit i want to punch you in the face

| >>651890 please push me up against a locker and kiss me

| >>652276
ye i love em

| >>652504 ok, but only if you're ready. Once I get there, I'll leave no part of you unkissed!

| i hope all you faggots have sweaty ass faggot sex and hugs afterwards tbh

| >>652943 that sounds pretty hot

| >>652943

| >>652943 hot

| >>652943 ty for your hope

| walk up to her and ask her directly stop being a pussy

| >>653345 honestly this is pretty good advice but try to see if shes at least an ally first

| also ITT: "durr hurr gay bad straight christian good" and "assault seems like a pretty good solution"

may i offer you all an egg in these trying times

| >>653661 I have enough eggs already than you can I have a kiss instead

| Homosexuality is a sin but there is always time to change my friends, there is always forgiveness. :)

| >>653676
ok sinner

| >>653661 can I request a sunny side up egg?

| ask her, but if she's not gay, do a 360 and walk away

| >>654303
Ask her how she thinks about girls kissing girls, and then how she feels about kissing you. If she's into it, go for it! If not, tell her she passed the test and invite her to a bible study group.

| just ask for fucks sake

>>910de8 This is the best advice in the thread.

Fuck all the jokes and Jesus, and fuck all the long term teenage confusion mind games.
If you need to know just ask, doesn't even have to relate to you, just casually ask "do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend" or "oh hey what's your deal, guys, girls, both?".

Spending weeks or months tripping yourself up with tests and subtlety isn't gonna get anywhere, especially if she has no real reason to suspect you're into her.

Just be honest and simple and it'll make everything easier.

| >>dc93d3 So OP, has anything happened yet?

| Have you asked her yet?

| Op please!

| Well,you could try to figure out their opinion on gays in a one on one environment. Then you can figure out if they are homophobic. If they aren't then figure out their opinion on being in a lesbian relationship,then ask them out. All subtly of course as to not give yourself away.

| Just fucking ask her out. If she doesn't swing that way, she'll tell you. If she does, she might still not like you, but if she does, then you're in.

| >>657026
it's 1 gurl

| >>657128
They can be singular.

| >>657171
...no, that is grammatically incorrect.

| >>657118 the reason she needs to be tip toeing around the subject is because she is in a small, homophobic town and probably doesn't want other to know at all that our g/u/rl suffers from the big gay™.

| >>657177
Unfortunately, it is completely correct.
But I do understand that some english speakers never used that part of the english grammar.

| >>657128 >>657177 This is infuriating. Not because "muh gender norms", but rather, "muh grammer". The singular they has been used throughout history. And now people are ignoring it's existence because it suits their agenda. "Oh hey! Someone forgot *their* laptop here. I hope *they* come back for it." Does a group own the laptop? No! No, it's only one person. And although her/he would be a more proper use if you know the exact person you're talking about, they is still not wrong.

| >>657194
Where's the problem? It's just easier to use they because it's non-specific. Why are you making a big deal about it, and why are you derailing this thread to talk about something that isn't a problem in any way at all?

| >>657193 what a cursed disgusting grammar...

| >>657243
Speaking of cursed, I now lay this terrible burden of knowledge upon you: germxn

| >>657297 bro epic thanks for telling us but could you do me a favor and point out exactly who the fuck asked

| >>657297
this must die

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