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What are your 6 numbers?

| You know the drill g/u/rls. Make a post, take your six digit post number, and put it in the link nhentai.net/g/######. Remember to switch out the 6 at the beginning of your number for a 1! Bonus points if you come back and post anything either hot, or extremely cringe worthy.

| Let's try it.

| 141789 was pretty underwhelming. Just a pretty vanilla Tales of Vesperia doujin. I guess I'll try this one as well.

| 141801 is a collection, of like, school girl loli type stuff? First one was daddy daughter, I think one was brother sister, some emo cat boy raping a cat loli? I didn't really get the story, but I think it was somehow all connected.

| Hmm... What will I get?

| make it fucked up boy

| >>641872
>404 – Not Found
now that's fuckedf p.

| ah shit i forgot

| >>641872

| >>641876 ara ara, your numbers are trying to turn you into a cute trap, eh?

| My numbers were English. Other than that, not a whole lot to report. The artstyle was kinda interesting to look at though, gotta be honest. It felt old.

| What's gonna be mine uwu?
This is like russian roulette

| >>641941 aw hell yeah some big tit shit kantai collection goodness

| let's roll!

| >>642067
142067 has a nice thigh crush
I also looked at 242067, but that was just some boring fate shit

| Luck be with me

| 177013

| >>642074 85 pages of Street Fighter/KoF that switchs between Group, Futa, or both.

| Just was looking for something good, let's try it

| >>642245 eh, just one of these big journals, never was into them

| I'll throw my hat into the ring as well

| Eh, just some standard yuri

| another night, another roll

| 142326 was uninteresting and only a few pages. 242326 had some excellent denial and humiliation, though, worth reading 262917 for english

| sure why not

| https://nhentai.net/g/642593/ it's fucking nothing

| Ptdr t'es ki

| >>642605

| >>642594
read OP again you fucking baka

| >>642594 you need to change 6 -> 1

| Someone should write a bot for this thread

| Extremely bored, so why not?

| >>642670
Not a big fan of loli, so no thanks.

| moichido!

| >>642681
142681: big dick shota and big tiddy mommy. epic
242618: 10 pages of decent harem english:242970

| Cool one

| >>642983 uhh a sample.

| >>642659
yes post the fucking links

| >>643013
Why though? Do you seriously don't know how search up the numbers? It's explained in OPs post.

| >>643023
are you dumb?

| >>643023 it's a pain to type the links myself on mobile, it would be nice to just click smth

| >>643039
I do it on mobile too. I really don't see the problem unless it genuinely takes you a minute or so to copy paste.

| >>643039
143039: big tiddy milf sailor jupiter cucks her own son or smth

| >>643042 ok so highlighting on mobile is kinda trash because touchscreen, then you have to open your browser go to NH then paste the numbers, not to mention it takes a second of holding for the copy paste menu to open each time

Basically: yes it's annoying and it would be better if people posted the *link* which reduces the required time and effort for everyone else to interact with your comment

| Also change first number to one, which sucks because again touchscreens

It's *fine* if you check one number, but if you want to check every number in the post it gets old

| Hell I'll roll

| baka

| Let's give this another go.

| 143586 woah Mizuryu Kei has improved quite a lot

| https://nhentai.net/g/143586/

| Huh. So, 143588 was a pretty cute The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls doujin. Yuri femdom, slight bondage and threesome. Not disappointed. 243588 was a Girls Und Panzer doujin, and, uh, uretha insertion. Need I say more?

| 263825 wholesome mashu.

| Hope mine's some degen shit

| Pretty tame, just some DILF

| >>643957
163825 fucking gochiusa deepthroat doujin

| >>643992 cool

| I'll bite.

| roll

| I'm kinda scared. Let's try

| >>644132 some loli gettin controlled. Pretty common.

| Lemme see

| >>644934
Pretty nice, lovey-dovey looking vanilla one. Unfortunately doesn't have a translation.

| ???

| >>644991
https://nhentai.net/g/144991/ various muscle girls :>

| >>644992 high quality crazy

| https://nhentai.net/g/145311/
big titty tan girl does boobjob.
Idolmaster inject aphrodisiac into places?

| I Hope i get something good

| Rool

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