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| Where did he go. Haven't seen him in ages. Like I'm glad he's not killing sex anymore but I kinda miss theg.....?

| Don't you dare have sympathy for Theg you whore?

| Theg's still around, but he's probably busy providing for the kids he and Sex had together.

| Haven't you heard theg went through anger management therapy and no longer wants to kill anybody

| >>641910 that's good to hear! I hope Theg is doing well!

| Gurls who is theg?

| theg was the one hero brave enough to stand up against the TYRANNY of sex. he was presumed dead for a while after the second time he killed sex but it seems he's just been flying under the radar until he can find a way to truly defeat sex. truly an inspiration for all g/u/rls.

| Theg is a villain, fighting against our saviour sex, in an attempt to remove all happiness from the world and take over. Theg killed sex, but sex was too strong and came back. He did it again, but sex is still with us, giving her all to bring happiness and joy to all g/u/rls. He's the type of person you write down in history books to make sure people don't become like him.

| ^ there are only 2 genders

| >>642648
Yeah. Theg is male, sex is female. Just read homie.

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This thread is permanently archived