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I like breasts

| Breasts are cool

| bob cool vegane colder

| More of an ass guy myself but titties are nice

| I love paizuri.

| They're cool and good, and preferably not that big.

| Big tiddy good flat tiddy good too

| It's Spherical! Spherical!

| Does boys really like giantass boobies? Majority of my guy friends prefer smol tiddies so i get confused

| Breasts are meh and just get in the way, I like girls but big breasts or weird fake tits are a huge turnoff

| >>642430
I think some like it, it's all just personal preference. I definitely prefer the smaller side of things though.

| Paizuri thread

| Titties are awesome, tho I think myself more of a hips kinda gal

| As long as they are natural im in, the texture on fake ones too weird

| >>642430
Feels like every boy I know either likes flat chests or for boobs to make up the majority of her body weight

| >>642831 boys don't exist on dangeru lol

I like small tits too.

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This thread is permanently archived