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Love is really gone

| All the way, all the same~

| It never was there in the first place~

| Who loves these days, men are apologetic feminists or incels while woman are either crazy bitches or retarded feminazis

| >>641683 you forgot dumb boy-hopping airheads.

| >>641683
Luks like you have some issues.

| >>641755 I was mostly exagerating

| Love isn't gone, you just have to work for it. Love isn't handed to you for likes and views, followers or subscribers, social credit or actual credit. Love grows in the fertile hearts that can shelter it's blossom, those who are patient and kind to not only take, but give as well.
If you want love, you must give love, and love will grow to meet it.

| >>641817 load of shit. You can be as kind and giving as you want but if you dont meet certain criteria for your partner (or if he/she hopes you meet that criteria one day and eventually loses patience), then love is bullshit served on a silver platter.

| >>641821 You can also go through many hardships and loss. You can be a failure and your loved one can still be beside you. It depends how strong their bonds are.

| >>641821
That scenario wouldn't breed love in the first place, so you would only be fooling yourself and starting a relationship on false pretenses.
You have to be honest about what you want and what you expect.
Sorry you have been hurt by pretty lies before, but that doesn't mean love doesn't exist.

| >>641823 so you are chalking every single break up to "pretty lies but love does exist" ok bro. Tell that to all the millions of people who truly thought they were in love only to end up getting cheated on, replaced, or just witnessing their relationship deteriorate into nothing over time.

| >>641822 true, but that's only until they find someone else to latch onto, and suddenly you are replaced and get to listen to "you are still special and important to me" and expected to somehow appreciate those words.

| >>641836 Would you latch on to someone else and replace them?

| >>641834
Most people are garbage.
Love still exists.

Whatever happened to you still must hurt deeply, and it's okay to express that pain.

| >>641841 oh ok. So even though my logic tells me that the outcome would be the same with practically every person, I'm supposed to believe love exists.

You changed my mind gj.

| >>641842
Logic =/= Love

If you are convinced that you are unloveable, that is a problem that you need to solve.

| Nah.

| >>641844 that is not what I was trying to say, it applies to everyone really.

Everyone has certain needs that have to be fulfilled, be it financial, emotional, physical, or something else. If their partner doesn't fulfill those needs then they're going to be replaced once a better candidate becomes available and once the patience for change has worn off.

As such, love is a man-made facade that doesn't really exist.

| Fresh relationships are exciting because of chemical reactions in the brain, but once that period fades away, people start judging their partners to suit their needs and desires and if they aren't met they start looking for a replacement.

This really applies to everyone, all people have their own needs, some with more demanding ones than others, and the concept of "love" is just finding someone whose demands are either at or below what you can bring to the table.

| >>641858 first of all, you're just a chemical reaction, so while we could say love is one that doesn't mean much.

I think when you say love you mean relationships, and equating the two leads to part of the problem. It's true that people have needs, but a lot of our culture tells us that one person must fill all of them (labeled as love) when that's not really true. That's unreasonable and not necessarily even good, so that perspective makes people cynical and hopeless

| But really if we discard the idea of one 'true' love that fills every need for everyone, we can approach relationships very critically, figuring out what between each specific set of people makes a good, positive relationship and accepting that a lover isn't and shouldn't be everything in someone's life

| Uh, i say that because it sounds like the problem is that you went into relationships with that expectation and it was a problem for you, sorry if i'm assuming. It's definitely hard to go against how things are constantly portrayed and talked about but i think it 's a better way. Of course a partner won't necessarily also think that way but being openminded and communicative and finding out what works for ourselves is half the battle at least

| >>641892 I didn't go into a relationship expecting anything. I didn't even expect a relationship, I didn't even want one, I was as cynical before it as I am now, it is just that my worst fear came true, I've avoided relationships for years because I never got to explore intimacy when I was younger, and as such I ended up being my ex partner's worst experience in terms of physical intimacy, and as a result everything else suffered and the relationship deteriorated.

| We had amazing chemistry, we matched emotionally, our hobbies matched, wants, hopes, desires for the future, pretty much everything matched like it was out of some fairytale.

But me being inadequate with physical intimacy due to lack of learning opportunities ruined it all.

It was just like you said, she accepted me for my failures -- but only until she found a suitable replacement, which happened in just under two years.

| So excuse my skepticism about the concept of love, when I experienced an extremely deep bond and connection that I ultimately lost because I had a shitty childhood and someone else did not.

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMPv2hZ5Boo

| >>641896
You had a bad relationship that hurt you deeply, and it was full of one-sided love. It sucks that you went through that, it really does, and I feel for you. Lots of us have been in similar places.
Listen to >>641890
We don't dispute your bad experience, just your disparaging of love as a whole.

And seriously, any girl who doesn't see the opportunity to train up a guy to exclusively please her is missing out.

| >>641858
Hypocrite that you are, for you trust the chemicals in your brain to tell you that they are chemicals. All knowledge is ultimately based on that which we cannot prove. Will you fight? Or will you perish like a dog?

| >>641949 what you do not understand is that it was not one sided, but rather that it withered into nothing because I couldn't meet one of her needs fast enough and she replaced me.

You keep dismissing my point and misinterpreting it and its fucking annoying.

Relationships fail all the time, that does not mean it was always one sided or some other shit like that.

Love is literally a made-up thing that does not exist.

| If you cannot meet your partner's needs, you are on a timer, and the amount of time depends on your partners' patience and your own luck. Either their patience runs out and you get abandoned, or you get unlucky and someone else replaces you.

| That is why marriage exists, to make it more harmful and difficult to abandon/replace, another made-up excuse to force "love".

| You'll be fine

| >>efbbea
You keep conflating love and relationships. They are not the same thing. Stop assuming they are. Stop assuming your bad life experiences and your bad relationship are universal experiences.

You admit that the relationship failed because you had different expectations and needs could not be met. You two could not bridge that gap or that she abandoned you is not an issue of love but of interpersonal relations.

Your shitty experience does not invalidate love's existence.

| >>4fa260 my personal experience does not invalidate words that can and do apply to any and all relationships.

Love is a made-up concept.

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