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I am a shy g/u/rl Don't AMA.

| please~~

| K.
Gtfo then.

| Can we ask you certain things or nothing?

| Oh soykaf that was a question.

| >>641292 please don't ask me anything, it shake my nerve.

| Hi

| Am >>1dc1c9. Okie dokie >>641333 . If it's alright with you, I'll just do the talking. Feel free to stop me or walk away if you don't like it. owob

| How was you your day :3

| Will you have sex with me?

| Watch hinamatsuri.

| >>641343 Hi..

| >>641350 i-i will try not to walk away..

| >>641364 urr-umm yes normal.. you?

| >>641389 wha what! urr umm s-sorry i think w-we should know each other more than this t-t-to have s-s-sex..

| >>641399 umm yes. sorry i never watch it before!

| I hope you have a great day :)

| Sorry, but can you stop saying sorry so much? You make me feel sorry.

| Are you having fun?

| Are you ok?

| Tell me about yourself.

| >>641513 i'm so sorry for saying sorry! i'm not going saying sorry too much again sorry!

| >>642018 i'm sorry but i don't think i have anything special to tell you..

| >>641530 noo i'm so nervous even when i'm anon rn

| >>642013 i think i'm okay at the moment.

| >>641471 thank you um.. you too!

| >>7458f4 That's fine. I'm not anything special myself either. I just wanna hear about you.

| >>642065 i really have nothing special but i guess i'm not good at talking with people and spend most of my day browsing twitter.

| >>7458f4 I'm happy you're pushing yourself a bit to talk to others then. What kind of stuff do you look at on Twitter?

| I am not going to ask you about your fetish since you are shy.

| If you don't like being asked questions, maybe you could ask us questions.

| Yes OP, ask us anything !

| Will you have sex with me?

| Ya like jazz?

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This thread is permanently archived