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I'm AMA.


| What

| How long have you been AMA?

| ಠ_ಠ Ask Me AMA ?


| Hello AMA. Can we ask you questions?

| Ama in our language is father so..
Daddy? Is that you? Have you finally returned after going out to buy milk 14 years ago?

| OP here. AMA.

| Ama ama~

| ~

| >>641311 are you>>641311 's daddy?

| >>641345 meant to say>>641305 's daddy.

| >>641346 p..please come back. We've been leaving the door unlocked for you.

| I'm AMA.

| No, I'm AMA

| Oh no.. i'm confused.. w-which is my father? I just want to be a full happy family again

| >>641504
It'll never happen. Sorry.

| >>641504 all of them. There was an orgy before you were born.

| >>e7f949 you get a creampie>>40deb2 and you get a creampie>>a89e42 annd you get a creampie>>10fb16 annnd you get a creampie, every one gets a creampie!!!

| >>641512 their sperm cells combined into one super sperm who overcum every other sperm cell? Makes sense

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This thread is permanently archived