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I'm a human. AMA.

| I'm a human. I will answer questions.

| Asl

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Nah, the good one, Europe

| do you like breathing airs and walking with your leg?

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Yes, I quite enjoy those activities.

| Do you enjoy putting food in your body? just like me who is also a real human.

| where are you from

| How have you been doing? Have things been stressful for you?

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Yes. I quite enjoy the daily routine, experience and pleasure that is consuming food.

| >>641070

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I haven't been doing the best lately, but overall I feel like things are starting to improve. I have hope. There's been a fair amount of stress and quarantine is getting to me pretty hard, but I'll manage. Thank you for asking :)

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| do you see colors, and if so, what does beige feel like ?

| >>12380b I hope things continue to get better for you and that you can occupy your time with something productive for yourself during this time.

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I don't see colours how others do, but I do see them. Beige feels, weird. Beige is almost uncomfortable in a way. It's not a sharp colour, it should be relaxing probably, but it really isn't. It's almost so weak and bland it's unsettling.

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Thank you. Being productive is not my strong suit, but I'll try to get at least some stuff done.

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Oh wow thanks, actually very interesting !
I heard your kind is not able to breathe under water, so how come you can drink water ??!

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Do you have a learning disability or mental disorder?

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I have no idea how a human works !
I don't comprehend how you can intake water in two different ways from the same orifice !!

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I don't know why we're like that. We just are, and it seems to be working pretty well.

| What are your hobbies

| You are so cute, human-chan. Much cuter than that succubus. Would you kiss and cuddle with me? Can I meet you?

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I want avoid getting infected by COVID-19, and in my opinion the succubus is a superior being, but if we somehow met eachother, started talking regularly and we both fell in love with eachother, I would kiss and cuddle as much as you'd want.

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