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Smoking cum?

| Yeh?

| Whoaa... yeh..

| What?

| I wonder if someone actually tried to boil cum and smoke it's vapors

| >>641206
Bro! Now I gotta buy a vape and fill it with cum.

| >>641206 aw fuck that's repulsive. Imagining it makes me gag g o l l Y

| I saw a gif where he came on a pan and made pancakes using his cum. He was even flipping it ahhh honestly what the hell is happening with the world

| me pouring the cum jar into the fog machine at the neighbors' halloween party

| that would taste awful.

| >>641429
I've never smoked something that legit tastes good and I smoke daily, so it really don't matter.

| >>641430
I've never smoked in my life, so I really don't know know how it feels to smoke liquid.

| >>641432
Well, depends if you're actually smoking or you're vaping. Vaping, pretty good, smoking, pretty sure that's not possible. It would have to dry up and shit first.

| isn't it gooey? it would probably fuck your lungs

| >>641604 that's the point of smoking

| >>641614
Not the point, but an inevitable effect.

| n o

| First I slurp cum.
then I burp cum

| Bluping out cum bubble while passing out is so hot


| >>641852
king kum

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This thread is permanently archived