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Is it gross to swallow coom

| Ive done head to guys before and they get surprised that i swallow their load. It's not a kink think for me, i just thought it would be rude if i spit it out??? Even though it tastes bad i man up and swallow it.

Is it bad??? What are your thoughts when a gurl swallows or spits your coom?

| Kink thing**

| Gud gurls always swallow.
Be a gud gurl.

| It's cute.

| it's filthy

| >>640755 tell me why (aint nothin but a heartbreak)

| I also want to swallow my bf's coom, but he doesn't me to do that anymore because we love to kiss and he doesn't like it when he can still smell and taste his coom while kissing me.

| >>640781

| >>640781 what a gay ass bf.


| Love sucks, but true love swallows.

Get him to cut back on pizza and beer, eat more pineapple and celery.

| >>640881
>cut back on pizza and beer
bitch are you retarded

| >>640881
What kind of impossible request is that?

| >>640781 my ex would just give me water afterwards g/u/rl and it seemed to do the trick just fine.

| >>d2d9bf is it true that pineapple makes ur coom sweet?

| >>640891 are you?

| >>640924

| If you can swallow thick water then you can swallow coom

| >>640962 i can swallow coom, i just dunno if it's appropriate or not.

| I never had any experience on that domain (yeah Am big boi virgin) but I would be satisfied with both actions
It's up to the other person to know if she wants to drink it or not and I would not be disappointed if it was denied uwu
Although I gotta say it makes me have some off brand anime vibes if my future g/u/rl / boi would drink my coom and would taunt me with it lmao

| >>641023 i understand that it can come off as weird anime-ish but idk i swallow as a proof of love haha is that fcking cheesy haha i want to dieee but kinda like "i love you this much" haha though im mostly intrigued on what the guy's perspective would be when their gurl swallows their coom. I think i only spit it out once because wow that coom tasted so bad it was so strong of bleach, bleck.

| >>641102
Feed your boi more fruit if you want his cum to be tastier.

| SEX IS GROSS ANYWAYS, so do whichever you want
sex is dirty in all cases, and you know you love it, be it the succ or the anal, or the whatevertheheckyouwanttothinkof

| >>641108 sex isn't gross. It's beautiful. Why do some people think sex is a dirty thing?

| I love sex

| >>641287
yea i wonder why, it's so clean and tidy

| Don't swallow it, hold it in your mouth instead, and then feed it to your bf just like mama bird feeds her younglings uwu

| Or just give him a kiss with your mouth full of it, could work too

| Could you push it back into his dick with your mouth?

| >>641620 omg like aggressively spit it back in his mouth?

| >>641654 if i blow hard enough maybe?

| >>641654 >>642118
That sounds like it would either hurt or be extremely fucking uncomfortable for the penis user.

| >>642151 >penis user

| it's repulsive and trashy especially if for a rando. it's not something you do just like that. save it for someone who's worth it

| >>642151 lmao, my sides hurt

| >>640891 >>640903
The kind that gets you more, longer, hotter blowjobs.

| >>642250
The kind that ain't worth it homie. What's a blowjob without a side of pizza and beer? Damn. Y'all gotta lower your standards.

| >>642250 Does it really help to eat more fruit and to cut back on such things? That's interesting if so.

| >>642272 actually, in my experience, yes, oddly enough.

| >>642300 Huh well ok. I'll take your word for it.

| >>642179
Gurl i dont sleep around haha i do it for my wubs

| >>642271 i think it just means to eat a lil healthier but idk haha

| >>642272 ive looked that up before and there's science that backs it up. It not only works for men but for women as well.

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