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I'm a succubus, AMA 2! the first one got too long

| first one reached its bump limit, rip. to answer the last question on that thread, i personally like above average length, straight, no foreskin, clean shaved, and above average girth would be my ideal dick

| Do succubi have a limit on how long they can fuck? I know you are possessing a human body, so I assume you're limits are that of a human, but for the ones who aren't the type to possess, can they fuck for, like, a year straight or something or do they have to stop?

| Don't most g/u/rls like clean shaven penises? Danger/u/ Poll: do you like your penises with or without hair?
[ะพ] with hair
[o] without hair

| without.
I think they look a lot cuter.
Of course that's my own, so.

| In the first thread you said that people whose souls are stolen by succubus go to hell. But how would they go there without a soul, you fucking moron. If you absorb soul energy than if you swallow it whole this would melts into nutrients for you.
I exposed your lie, you are definitely not a succubus.

| >>639209
that kind of assumes a succubus would melt it into nutrients. I doubt an extraplanar being would require that.
Probably just needs semen if my many hours of research in Japanese Succi Mythos is to be believed

| >>638836 our endurance is way higher but obviously we get tired and sore eventually lol! Plus I doubt there's a human that could let one of us go for long enough to see lol

| >>639209 I said if a person's energy is completely taken their soul would most likely go to hell. We don't turn the souls into energy, we draw energy from the soul, big difference. Without any energy it's easiest to go straight down, though some get caught elsewhere

| >>639264 we don't really need semen, it tastes nice but it's not what we actually get energy from

| How does energy taste?

| >>639323 energy doesn't taste like on your tongue, but my body can sorta feel taste energy and it tastes kinda hyper, like a adrenaline rush or shaking from excitement or smth

| Are you strong? Do you know any cool magic spells? Have you ever had to fight for your life?

| >>639345 I can't use anything like magic except the usual succubus stuff (cuz of the type I am), but I'm pretty strong I think, especially compared to humans. When I'm not possessing people I'm pretty muscular, I used to hate it but now I love it! I've never really had to fight for my life but I have had to fight off rapists and slavers and stuff, I usually win lol

| Oh I like muscular girls are underrated, nothing beats a healthy strong body literaly, if you were a human for the rest of your life what would you do?

| >>639366 I agree, tough girls are hot lol. If I was a human for the rest of my life I guess I would die at age 80

| How much is a demon lifespan?

| >>639376 it depends, some of us are immortal and others have short life spans. If I don't get killed by someone I can live forever because I'm more spectral than most demons

| Say, if humans ceased to exist and another dominant species came around, would you come to look like them or stay the same?

| Do you like video games? If so whats your favourite?

| >>639382 if you mean demons would take over, I don't think we'd drastically change how we look

| >>639383 I already said I do lol! My fav rn is doom eternal (ironic I know but you play games about shooting humans so)

| Can succubus mimic other people or species to look more attractive

| >>639394 some kinds can! I can't though

| >>639383 >>639376 if you would have just reAD THE LORE!!!!11!1!1 jk. But g/u/rls, you really should read the other thread. Every moment succ g/u/rl reanswers your question is a moment she isn't sucking dick. And damn it I really want dick rn...

| >>639432 thank you lol

| What do demons look like? Do you have horns, tail, harp teeth, diferent skin color, fur, skin, scales?

| >>639508 there's lots of varieties of demons, it's less of a species and more of a group, even demons within the same species that can breed with each other can look radically different. Some demons have traits like you said and others don't

| >>639209
i think i kind of exposed that already when i made a reference to Lilith and she didn't get it...

| >>639543
Everything you said was names for Queen Elizabeth and had nothing to do with Lilith...

| >>639545
she was kinda the First... call her the Mother. and when i mention her daughters, sorry but canonically that should ring a bell...
had nothing to do with lizzie save for Queen word.

| Is there any religion in hell?

| >>639546 most of what you said was for the British Queen, yeah lol. And like the first? There were lots of first things lol. You cant expect people to understand what you're referencing if you don't know how to reference it yourself

| >>639548 most demons worship some higher class of demons or nothing at all, spirituality is obviously big here

| how 2 summons

| I wanna know how summon a cute succubus :D

| >>639575 read they key of Solomon and stuff like it, practice lots

| >>639579

| >>639581 ??

| Can succubus go after women or just the opposite sex

| >>639593 they can go after anyone who has energy, and most succubi are bi

| What is your opinion on inccubi?

| >>639620 what's your opinion on the opposite sex? Lol, they're hot and I wish I knew some

| >>639623
Too real man. Damn.

| >>639635 she has it better than us,at least she always has her food to confort her physicaly, mentaly an most importantly sexualy, humans can't talk and fuck their food... or at least they shouldn't

| >>639623 I mean some humans hate their opposite sex, so maybe you would think inccubi were just like more guys taking your food away

| >>639642
I assume it's mostly sexually though. I don't see how she could be comforted mentally by creatures she view as nothing but food. Still though. That little line hit close to home.

| >>639648 idk what you're talking about. Food comforts me g/u/rl. Gettin' comfy with some snaccs. Heck yeah!

| Will you possess me?

| Can you change your size?

| >>639725
Fair enough. Didn't really think about that. Food truly is comforting.

| >>639777 probs not

| >>639781 nope, and I really hate this question

| Do you have a family?

| >>639848 read the other thread before asking anything

| Favourite fetish?

| Would gang bang be a all you can eat buffet?

| How're you doing today? Are you still keeping yourself and the girl safe from the virus and such?

| >>639891 very tough choice, maybe shibari

| >>639892 yep!

| >>639894 hey thanks for asking, people don't usually ask how I'm doing lol, I'm safe from it but I'm really starting to get hungry lol, most of the places I frequented for food are closed and no one's out, if I can't find someone soon I'm gonna have to go back to hell for a while which I don't want at all lol

| >>039827 I was wondering how you were keeping fed right now with this all going on. It sucks that you might have to go back home but it's better for yourself than starving out here. Plus you can always come back when things are better. Stay safe still though for the both of you.

| >>639900 I guess so, it's just scary to go back lol

| >>039827 I'm sure you can handle going back home for a bit, you seem strong. But hopefully you can stay here longer and be fed safely soon. If not, don't hurt yourself and the girl by starving.

| >>639904 ty, I'll probably be fine but it's uncomfortable going back lol, idk where I'll stay and that probably means I'd have to go crawling back to my old owner, yaaaay...

| >>039827 What's your old owner like?

| We can feed you, I think, maybe if you use tinder to see people near you

| You can't go outside but the outside can go to you

| >>639912 he was ok I guess? Treated me like a pet basically, made me wear collars and trained me to obey commands and stuff, he usually didn't hurt me or do anything super cruel but I don't like being owned I guess, maybe that's weird idk lol

| >>639913 >>639914 maybe, I am kinda scared about this body getting messed up

| >>039827 When you say "usually" does that means he's done it from time to time and how far would "super cruel" go for you?

| >>039827 I would recommend not to take risks. You're dealing with both your own well-being and her's.

| Useing somebody elses body must be hard, also I feel like demons need more rights and law, how about we make a place where succubus and inccubus can feed of humans, it's a brothel where you can posses a human body and select a partner how does that sound?

| Does your human have any type of conditions that would make her especially at risk for the virus?

| >>639922 well yeah he hurt me a bit, but like, not for no reason, only when I did something wrong or he wanted to train me, other than that he didn't hurt me, I guess to me especially cruel would be hurting me for no reason at all lol. I still didn't like being hurt by him tho, obviously

| >>639927 that might be fun lol, let me know when you set that up lmao

| >>639937 not that I know of! She is a bit weaker from possession ofc tho

| >>039827 It's understandable that you don't like it. Abuse is still abuse no matter how little or if it's physical or mental. I hope you can try standing on your own and be independent there. Again, I hope you don't have to go back and can find food safely. Take care.

| >>639954 to do that she would have to accend the ranks in demon society wich sounds hard by he previous posts, but imagine if she becomes the queen of large territory? I wonder how she would rule her piece of hell?

| >>639954 ty

| >>639956 that would be fun tbh, not much precedent for a succubus owning land tho

| But what would you do if you owned a land?

| Is there after life for demons

| >>639963 I dunno honestly

| >>640179 I don't know honestly?? Wow now I'm feeling existential lol

| When your food has an afterlife and you don't life must be very interesting lol

| >>640216 agsgsgag we don't know that lol

| How are you keeping your self alive now that weveryone is at home?

| I have 3 questions, you mentioned when not using possession you're "pretty muscular" but later mentioned you're also "more spectral than most demons", wanted to know what your usual form is like.

Also, the slavers and stuff you fended off, those were exclusively in hell right?
Is fending for yourself/living in hell particularly difficult for that specific reason?

Other than that, you mentioned being into cryptids and anomalies, so, what kind interest you and why?

| >>640262 like I said before, I can last a while without eating if I ate lots before

| >>640304 so, most demons are fully physical fleshy things, and others are spectral, I'm sorta in the middle when I'm not possessing someone. My usual form is muscular but not fully physical, which makes stuff weird lol (most succubi are fully physical, I'm just of a weird sub group)
And yeah, I'm basically treated like a pretty object in hell, most succubi are. I really don't want to be taken by someone else like that again

| >>640304 yeah lol, my favorite is weird stuff or places like Mel's hole or that one soda machine that's never been restocked, I just think it's interesting and makes me wonder how it's faked, or if it's real, it's just fascinating to me lol, I wish there was like an SCP wiki for real stuff lol

| Can a human learn magic?

| >>640321 yeah but never much or very reliably

| Do succubi have sexual intercourse with inccubi? Or breed in general? If so, does the act of having sex drains the life energy from the partner?

| >>640420 she already said succubus can breed but not if they can drain from other demons or while breeding

| >>640420 >>640422 succubi can breed with incubi, we have sex with incubi sometimes for fun, and we can't get energy that way because all the energy I lose he gets and everything I get he loses, it's a zero sum game lol

| Do you have a worst sex story?

| >>640447
But what if you drug and rape them? Do they still drain energy if they're knocked out?

| >>640448 hmm, I have a really small dildo that is just. Too small to feel very good lol, idk where I got it but I never use it lol

| >>640522 idk honestly? But I wouldn't want to do that, I don't want ppl to go through what I did

| Can you give a review on every species that you had sex with?

| >>640608 humans are good, demons vary lots, I don't have time to go through every kind of demon I've fucked rn lol

| What is common sense for demons but not for humans

| >>640748 that's tough, I dunno

| Then how was the addaptation to human society?

| >>641154 it was kinda tough but enjoyable, im still learning lots

| When will we live in a society whete humans and demons can live together ?

| >>641628 I dunno if that's possible

| How does it feel to be a meme here?

| >>641682 pretty nice.

| What does the best pucci looks for you

| Do you play Animal Crossing? Is that sort of game something that interests you?

| >>641786 I don't know what pucci is... Lol

| >>641797 nope, I don't have a Nintendo and it looks boring tbh, if I wanted to plant plants and fish I would just do that stuff

| >>641879 pussy!

| >>641904 oh!! Best pussy is a wet pussy

| Do you watch any YouTubers or Streamers?

| >>642017 not a lot, I watch game grumps though and some beauty YouTubers. And I watch lots of porn

| Are there any particular pornstars you watch regularly?

| Best porn site?

| >>642171 lots, really the only one I can think of right now is Ella Hollywood but there's others I'll think of later

| >>642197 pornhub or Reddit

| You tried any drugs while being in the human world?

| >>642531 not yet, other than alcohol and caffeine and stuff. I'd like to try drugs but idk where to get them and i don't want to damage this body

| >>642546
Ah, yeah. I mean, you probably feed in more shady environments from time to time, no? Also, if I remember correctly you're either in the US or Canada right, so weed should be legal. Probably not that good for your host, but, you know. Could be fun for a succubus to experiment with it.

| >>642549 true, I might try that out ^^

| Are you a real succubus?

| >>642567 yep

| >>642569 damn.

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