fempov is the best porn

| i love seeing them suck a BBC

| Yes, if you are a pathetic libtard cuck~

| ~

| It's pretty interesting.

| Hmmm to the internet I go~ I'll be back.

| >>638143 no it isn't....

| Any good examples? Asking for a friend

| >>638143 awh did your wife's boyfriend recommend it for u to check out? ♡

| This whole "wife's boyfriend" meme is so retarded. You're basically saying they're good enough to get a girl to fall in love with them, date them, and marry them, and that's supposed to be insulting?

| OP is a worthless beta soyboy

| >>639714 idk, ask Tyrone. I'm sure he'll help after he's done with your girl.

| >>639999 You're making yourself look pathetic

| >>640063 more pathetic than someone mad over an overused meme? Perhaps, I don't really give a rats ass

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