Comfy female clothes for quarantine

| Both me (I've had crossdressing threads here before) and a friend of mine are interested in comfy female clothes. What are some good, comfy, cute clothes to enjoy during COVID?

| Panties, buttplug

| >>637970
This isn't a sexual thing for me, so I won't be getting any buttplugs. Panties do sound nice though.

| Thigh high socks under pajama bottoms

| Why did you feel the need to include "quarantine" and "covid"? What would excluding them change?

| >>638093 my thoughts exactly

| >>638093
Idk. I'm just thinking about it because I feel very lonely and sad due to quarantine, and would like something like this to cheer me up.

| No clothing like no clothing.

| Oversized tshirt and panties as bottom. That's what i wear eversince we had the lockdown

| >>639186 the same shirt and panties, or are you changing to clean ones every day?

| >>639232 i change my g/u/rl but it had always been the same getup haha

| >>639186
That sounds cosy. I really want panties. I would probably wear them mostly together with my hoodie dress though. Huge t-shirt sounds kinda nice though.

| >>639353 it is! Oooh you know what i dream of? That get up with a pastel tiedye shirt oooofff im gonna get myself a tiedye shirt once this quarantine sht is over

| >>639403
That sounds really cute! Now you're making me want to get it as well.

| At the edge of the world, when the sun sets below civilization, you can be sure someone, somewhere, out there is pulling women's clothing over his small bulge.

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I love Bible verses.

| I've spent a large part of my quarantine in my maid outfit and I am loving it.

Anyway tights are comfy, smooth and cute as long as it's not too hot (then they just get sweaty and gross)

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That sounds really nice, but really warm. I'm pretty sensitive to heat sadly.

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