So, like, y'all cum on tits?

| It's kinda cute.

| No, I cum in tits

| Well, I cum behind tits

| It's okay, but better when our sub licks it off while it's still warm.

| >>638041 don't be so vague

| Guys guys
>>Cum *inside* the tits

| >>ae80fa WTF don't do that. The breasts will get pregnant.

| /s/f7797820c1/1562412-7

| Cum underneath the tits

| I'd prefer to cum on a smooth armpit

| Cum in the underboob of the tiddies and put it back so it's preserved for later

| >>638280 The same equivalent as feet... Ech

| >>639291 I dunno about that, you could pull it off on feet relatively easily and without the other noticing in some positions, but you'd have to be one deranged fuck to get an armpit ready, and to even get consent for something like that.. you'd need someone equally as deranged

| Feet cum is weirder than armit imo dunno why
Actually yeah armpit not so bad lmao

| >>639211
Ah a true man of culture who watched some good hentai

| >>639570 that's all my original idea my guy. Gotta take credit where it's due

| >>639719 Looks pretty much like a scene from "Oyakodon: Oppai Tokumori Bonyuu Tsuyudaku de"
But aight I'll believe ya nonetheless

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