| I'm a consent doctor.

| You are not wanted her.

| Hello and good day! I'm a public
sexual health doctor with the
Centre for Learning Intimate

This is a courtesy heaith service
message to make sure that you
are a fully informed, sexually
conscientious individual with
knowledge on the basic
fundamentals of sexual
congress, intimacy and

| Is /d/ finally gonna get some sex ed?

| >>637635
I would actually be so down for that. "I'm an actual sexual health doctor AMA", though I doubt there is anyone like that who browses /d/.

| >>637644 would be interested in hearing what a sexual health expert had to say even though I'm forever a virgin lolol

| Studies show that 50% of people are dumber than the national average. That's a major concern for any person looking to expose their genitalia for mutual sexual gratification! And so, if you are interested,I would be very pleased to provide a brief but comprehensive crash course in sexual health and intimate relations!

| >>637678
>Studies show that 50% of people are dumber than the national average

| wow there are actual metrics to measure this ?
even though it should always hold true... you should have said "world average" hehe
Hi, OP.
How do you measure consent ?

| As an ‘Intimate Technologies’ doctor, it is my life's mission to cultivate healthy attitudes toward sexuality and intimacy! If it makes you feel more comfortable, please flirt with me as much as you like! :D I identify as a bisexual woman and enjoy sex very much!

I don't think you can measure consent ;).

| >>637699 first please teach me how to flirt lol I'm just a poor /g/url who like girls but end up being too cheesy

| just cause its the average doesn't mean its the median. you could have one person who's so extraordinarily dumb that he pulls the national average down below everyone else

| >>637699 can you teach me how to flirt and get close to the person i'm interested?

| >>637957
wow that's true, I forgot !
But the numbers are so big that the mean should be very close to the median...
Or maybe the scoring system should help get the mean close to the median...
If possible...

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