Anime is now pedophilia

| Some american boomers seem to think that giving adult woman childlike face is just thin veiled pedophilia. And as confirmed by one artist, patreon is now banning anime lewds due to that same standpoint. As a weeb, I'm mildly irritated, but as a scumbag corrupt lolicon I am happy that all of you now fall under the same retarded prejudice that y'all has been dishing out for every loli fetishist out there. Fuck you I hate people.

| I shouldn't post anything while horny. I'm ashamed.

| There's a reason why I hate the UN. All these fuckers talking about peace and shit, but instead focus their efforts on trying to ban anime because "It turns people pedo." like some fucking 18th century Christians. Apparently privileged, middle aged people are unable to be open minded or look at actul fucking facts, and just say stuff for attention and to feel good about themselves. Probably sounds pathetic to complain about, but when they call it "justice" it's hard not to.

| Soon there will be no more anime.

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Soon there will be a weeb uprising. Cunts Naruto running around the streets with cringy picket signs defending anime, but in reality ruining the public perception of anime fans even more.

| >>637225 tbh one will probably murder someone with a dull display katana if it keeps going the way it is

| And as a weeb myself, and as someone who's aware of what op is taking about

(Patreon btw)

The artist who said that did have Loli, but it's not just that, BDSM & hypno fetishes that don't seem to be enjoying it/consent being taken down, and furry porn especially anthro x human is being considered beastiality

People on Twitter people have pointed out that the way they're doing it is extremely bigoted and cisnormitive (don't reee at me) because they're doing it by height and face

| So a shorter anime femboy/trap like astolfo is being cought in this

| The Twitter people are upset because trans people/characters could be unfairly discriminated against because they might not have larger boobs, or other features patreon mods might think are characteristic of loli/under age

So basically what I'm trying to say is both the anime Nazis and Communists dislike this plz no reeee

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All of that is just fucked up. Just discriminating against people who make and enjoy loli shit is scuffed because it's all just fantasy, but I get, it's what's in for all the social justice normies, but taking down so much innocent shit in the crossfire is not fucking okay. It's just plain discrimination against things they don't bother to understand. This is how racism was born, but now that they don't have races to proudly hate they go for everything else.

| Anyone not left leaning should have seen the sign last year and have a backup Subscribe star/ any other fund raising account.

Sargon was banned for using the N word on someone else's channel. That sounded like more of a witch hunt than content moderating.

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I don't see what political side has to do with that. Both people from the left and right support this cancerous movement.

| >>637329 bruh I said no reee

| pedos gotta project to keep people off their backs, and anime is finally catching on big enough to be a scapegoat after like 30+ years of people cranking it to anime girls of various canon ages and bodytypes and nothing bad coming of that

i wonder if people really are dumb enough to think that bad things only start happening once they're aware of it and have time to be scared

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They do, and it's genuinely fucking sad how dumb they are.

| This is why humans suck big fat balls with a monster veiny dick

| >>637405 the funny thing is that it's technically true, in that needless hand-wringing starts happening around that time and you start making fanartist's jobs potentially unviable because sites like Patreon cave to people afraid of what they don't understand or care about

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Yeah, I know it's true, and I hate it a lot.

| Isn't that what boomers trying to do? They're getting older but they put crapton of makeup to look younger.

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But that's "beauty", not some disgusting foreign drawing.


| >>637626 Hey! No! Bad!

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