How to stop fapping

| Ive been masturbating a lot lately because it had been an effective solution when i couldn't sleep due to stress from work. Honestly, i'm so damn exhausted all the time since the freaking lockdown. I feel like my drive and sexual stimuli is really at a negative but i can't help resorting to fapping so i can go to bed. Im worried that if this continues i get addicted to it again which is what i want to move on from.

Any ideas?

| Stopping fully isn't healthy. It starts becoming unhealthy if you fap less than 2 times a week. I think the best way to do it less would be to find some other way to relieve stress instead of resorting to masturbation. I don't have any good way to do that. I always smoke a lot before I go to sleep. Maybe do some Google searches and try different things to see if they work.

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| A pill of adaptol 30 mins before sleep will help with sleeping problem.
I just stopped, i dunno. I became uncomfortable and self-aware while fapping so i stopped. It didn't solve any of my problems, I'm still miserable. Now i fap 2-3 times per month. Context: Im single middle aged male, mi last relationship failed 8 years ago.


| >>636857 I would suggest reducing to eliminating porn from your life. It essentially stimulates you and thus drives you towards masturbation very easily. As for what the Anon above said. Masturbating isn't necessarily bad and it can have some benefits. If it is impacting your life as to obstruct it or degrade it. Then it is becoming a problem. Could reserve it to one session a week and then the rest of the week, if you feel like masturbating just occupy yourself with other tasks.

| >>636917 you could try to clean your house,do the dishes/laundry,fold clothes,or just general chores and cleaning. Just to generally improve your environment at home to help ease your stress. If you complete those you could also try to work on some other hobbies. Just direct the energy from your masturbatory libido into those hobbies maybe cooking,drawing,coding, meditation,gardening/agriculture, exercise,tinkering,and many more.

| Though just making a 180 and doing everything I said would be very difficult for most individuals. Just try in whatever endeavor you take. Just take it one step at a time.Things will get better slowly but, surely as you change your routine and life. And you will gaim control of your life and hopefully find something you enjoy. I believe you will get better g/u/rl and I believe in you!

| >>3bd87d man i want to but im too depressed like. Wow im so exhausted of my life. Maybe the problem stems deeper than masturbation.

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It certainly does, but if you want to solve this, then take the advice. Why make this thread if you have no intention to stop?


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Get a boyfriend

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Based and coompilled

| >>dcfed7 the one im interested in currently lives in canada :c and im freakin loyal even to my crush haha

| >>637185 I feel like that's gonna end badly since you said crush...

| >>2a2318 hey it's 2020. Time to fall apart

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>LDR crush
Oooh, this is gonna end badly

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how about an FDR crush?

| >>638043 thanks. Im fully aware of it but i just couldnt stop lol. I think i just really lack selfcontrol in general ffs

| >>636857 silly op, just find someone else's dick to fap. That way you can still fap, but it won't count!

| My coom is cooming

| >>639233 hm, that's true. It's not fapping if someone else is doing it for you

| I love sex.

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