Butt Plugs?

| Heya /d/. Anon g/u/rl here. I was looking for a good starter butt plug, and was wondering if you had any suggestions. I'm pretty new to this whole butt stuff, and I'm not 100% sure that I'm into it yet, so I don't want to make any big purchases that break the bank. Just something that'll be a nice intro into the whole thing. Also, perhaps a butt dildo? Idk /d/. Idk.

| I'd like to order it online, btw. I've tried going into lewd stores, but I end up just standing in front of them, or wandering around outside of them, thinking about what I'd say to the person inside while blushing heavily. I don't think I can do it g/u/rls. So online is appreciated. Maybe some place that disguises the packaging as something else too? I know this is a lot, but I really appreciate it.

| Oh! And I've also been looking at those steel ones? With the little gems? I think the gems are kind of tacky, but those ones look really interesting to me. Suggestions don't have to be those ones at all. They're just the ones I keep looking at.

| >>636116 hello I asked a question about butt plugs here before, I bought a small gem one from Amazon and loved it

I'd recommend trying with your fingers first (maybe not with long fingernails though)

Here's a link for why you probably should buy a good one and what to avoid


Don't let that scare you though I started with a cheap gem one from Amazon and didn't notice anything wrong

| I say go for it! The gem ones being metal are really easy to clean and inexpensive

Only downside was the circular base which if you're walking around with it or wearing it for a long time might be uncomfortable after a while

If you try it and like it look into getting a plug with a T-bar base they're way more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time ;p

| Uuhh, butt plugs?

| >>636331 butt plugs!

| The princess plugs are quite nice :3

| Man, I wish my girlfriend was into the butt stuff. It's a no-go for her...

| you could butt stuff yourself, it's not quite the same but at least someones appreciative the art of anal

| Ah, um, yes. Butt plugs.

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