| I've been growing an immense love towards traps of any kind as well as futanari girls
Does that mean I like dick or the body of the person in general?
I'm kinda reconsidering my heterosexuality since a couple of months cause of that hmmm
What's your opinion guys?

| I mean, i mostly think terms like heterosexual are useful for labeling yourself for others' benefit in dating, identity etc... more so than understanding your own sexuality which is going to be more complicated for most people. But it makes sense for some people attracted to a level of femininity more than they are to particular body parts we might also associate with it

| liking femboys was the definition of masculinity in ancient Rome, Greece, and Tokugawa Japan

| >>634469 it's totally straight bro. You like feminine guys because they are feminine guys not because they have a penis

| >>634530 Ancient long gone civilization, the try thing we should aspire to be.

| Traps aren't gay though??? Not sure what the problem is here.

| at any rate, who gives a shit? and why would you care?

| Imagine a fairytale world where people just like the things they like and don't go stupid over what label to put on themselves.
I live in this world.
It's lonely here.

| >>634605
I too, enjoy that world. You are not fully alone, but I wish more people would move here.

| Gay

| But that's ok

| Why does everyone assume the trap is into guys tho

| >>634798 Name 5 traps that aren't gay or bi.

| >>634469
If you like dick or not is irrelevant to traps.
If you really think you might be into it, date a trap. They don't look like anime girls, so prepare for disappointment.
Maybe stop masturbating in your room and go talk to people irl.

| At the end of the day, anime traps are not irl traps. Anime traps are basically women with a supposed dick that for all we know isn't really there while irl traps are desperate men trying to imitate women with the grace of a wheelchair bound elephant going down a flight of stairs.

| Y'all need to visit r/femboy for the best trap experience

| Yup fembois are the best

| Just gonna put this out there but there are no irl traps because guess what people are people...at least imo

But hey if one /g/url wants to call another /g/url a trap who am I to say?

| >>635088 irl traps are desperate men ? In my experience, the desperate ones were all the guys sending me dick pics :3

| Dated traps before. It's fun for a while, but they never smell like women. And that is what always ends it.

| >>636351 and a chicken tendie put in a particular pose is bound to receive a dick Pic from a horny Indian at some point. The exception makes the rule, not the other way around.

| >>636358

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