Thoughts on cocks that curve downwards?


| sad cock hours

| Mine is like that. I dunno, it's nothing to worry about and it's actually easier to deepthroat, ahah ;)

| Uh, I don't really have any. I don't see any advantage nor disadvantage.

| I would love to deepthroat a big long curve downward cock that's so big it's barely fit my mouth and so long it reach all the way to the base of my throat while being hold violently by the hair and let him force his cum directly in my throat and overflow me with his imperial juice, gloging on them would be my most desired pleasure.

| >>633486 well I see someone's a big fan lolol

| Why does it remind me of this? https://www.google.com/search?q=perroni%27s+disease&oq=perroni%27s+disease&aqs=chrome..69i57.4697j0j1&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

| >>633518 NONONO! It's not THAT curved, lol

| Fun

| I've got one. Was really ashamed of it in high school, but pretty quiclky realized I can do sex just fine. And in positions from behind curved penis' head stimulates g-spot very well.

| Have you seen those warriors from hammerfell? They've got curved penises. Curved. Penises.

| A dick is a dick. I think it's fun to have it curved

| You mean your dick is on the shape of a banana or boomerang?

| Straight, slightly bent upward uncut dick is the best dick.

| My dick looks straight upwards
Like 30 degrees from my abdomen without any curve
Pretty hard to hide this boner

| >>635208
Would suck, probably

| >>635230 are you that succubus?

| >>635208 mine is almost 90° up :/

| as well*

| >>635781
Even if i were, i wouldn't tell you, would i.

| >>635208
As long as you make your lucky girl happy with it, that's what counts

| Dude with upwards dick here
Don't have wrong expression
I like my dick, it looks cool
Hard hiding of boner is only issue and i don't really mind it

I wish i could but i don't have girlfriend

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