I'm a succubus, AMA

| Hi! I'm a succubus currently possessing a girl, been in possession of her for about 4 months, AMA ;D

| S u c c

| Fuck me dry right now you won't

| Plz gimme a gud tim and i will let you take a quarter of my life force

| Are succubuses portrayed accurately nowadays? How would you say your personality is from what people probably think it is?

| How does possession work? Is it random? Are there ways to summon you g/u/rls? Do you have any weakness that could potentially be exploited that are mundane and easy to do?(we don't want to accidentialy hurt or capture you)

| what exactly does a succubus do, is it just tempting people to sin? Do you actually "physically" remove the souls from the body? Is the person you're possessing damned to hell now?

| >>632853
>Jesus wants to know your location

| Op is not real and a bundle of sticks, no replies how could you bait us like this

| >>632906
I think OP is too busy sucking cock to answer. Don't relate her to a kissless gurl like you.

| Can you really hold hands without a marriage???

| >>632908 it's been two days, you know my words to be true, but will you accept them

| It turns out, OP is a Sucuckbus. Came to cuck you from all of your answers.

| Ah sorry, phone got smashed xP
>>632863 succubi generally aren't accurately represented, but some of it is right. Succubi are generally of a very low caste but have a surprising amount of social freedom compared to others in their caste. In fiction succubi always seem to be fixated on feeding, and while we do eat that way, our true focus is to make more demons (though not all of us do). My personality is pretty similar to how it's usually portrayed tbh! Though most of us aren't.

| >>632867 possession is weird. Most succubi can't do it, it's just not what we're usually for, but some of them can. It's not common because a possessed human can't breed new demons (unless impregnated by a Incubus or smth). The demons that are best at possession are sometimes called alastors, but there's commonly different names for the same type of demon. It works differently depending on what demon is doing it, but it's usually more like advanced suggestability, or sometimes 1/2

| 2/2 it can be more of a complete take over, but it takes longer and is more difficult.

| >>632867 oh and about the weakness thing, I'm not telling u ;P

| >>632880 essentially there's two sorts of succubi. Most of them are breeders, which are impregnated by humans to make new demons (incubi impregnate humans, and incubi breeders are rarer due to the obvious difficulty of that happening secretly). The other type doesn't breed but could (what I currently am). Some of us like to drive ppl to sin but most just want to eat. We can completely remove a soul but it's very hard and draining on us. We usually just take some energy which 1/2

| 2/2 can leave people feeling sick, weak, etc. But is usually not permanent. People who have their souls completely taken die. If their soul is completely taken, they may go to hell, or may be removed from the world, or spend time wandering it, or possibly go to the other place. It's hard to tell which will happen. So they may be damned or not.

| >>632888 don't be silly, jesus isn't real ;P

| >>632908 how did u know

| >>633053 yes!! You can!! You should try it

| A few questions. 1) Do you care about IRL politics and the state of the world? Like... As a succubus, would you care if you were in a country like Venezuela right now? Or does it not matter to you so long as there's people to furrack? And 2) What are some of the harder demographics to break into? Any particular country's people harder to convince to have sex with than others? That leads me to question 3) Do you need to convince a person, or is rape fair play? Thanks succ g/u/rl.

| >>633259 I care a little bit, I'm obviously invested in human culture, but if things get too bad I can always wait it out in hell, so I don't get involved. Generally though the more progressive the easier it is to feed. I've only really been active in America and Canada, so I wouldn't know what country is hardest. And, rape is fair play for us and we can still feed or breed using it. Some of us will try that seduce ppl and others are more direct, it really depends on personality.

| >>633260 do you eat human food? If so, what's your favourite human food? How much do you get around? Are we talkin like 2 cities in America and Canada or like cross country ventures?

| oooh nooo not a succubus oh no please don't play with my nips oog oooowww

| >>633265 of course I eat! My favorite food is either really spicy ramen or white chocolate. So far I've only been in three cities, one in Canada and two in US. I usually change every few years, cut ties, it makes it easier to stay hidden and find new food.

| >>633267 >:)

| Have you ever felt affection towards a human? Do you just get energy from any person or do you set standards or have a preference?

| I think larping is silly, Ama

| Is there a certain age range succubi usually go for, or do you just take everyone who's physically mature enough?

| Umm, d-do you target shy boys? ;;

| I'm shy boi 2

| >>633367 a few times, I crush too fast, but I deal with it.

| >>633367 and yeah I have standards! I usually only go for hot ppl lol. Girly boys are my fav. But rly anyone cute!

| >>633371 me too

| >>633372 usually the younger the better (with obvious exceptions for the rly little ones skdjaksj), late teens early 20s are my fav tbh.

| >>633406 yes.

| What's the longest you've gone without eating and since you've possessed someone for a good while, do you do their daily routines and go to work?

| What happens to the girl after you stop posessing her? What men do when they have sex with you is basically rape her, right?

| OP loving those trap boys.

| would you make a shyboi wear cute skirt and fug him in the butt

| Do you also prefer slim or curvy shy girly boys?

| >>633427 longest Ive gone was about 3 weeks, I could probably go longer though.Succubi are essentially predators, and like most predators our food can be inconsistent, so we can store lots of food for a while until we get more (like a cats primordial pouch).I don't do her routines or anything, she didnt have a job or many close friends, and didnt talk to her family. After feeding on her I possessed her because no one would notice, and she didn't seem like the kind of person to care

| >>633468 she'll probably not be 100% for a while but will more than likely be ok. Like I said, she didn't seem like the kind of person to care, and since she's not conscious it's not like she's being raped. I won't say it was completely consensual, but I did tell her I was a succubus and she did ask about possession, I had possessed her for about a day before quitting, and then 3 days later did it again. She said she wanted a break so I'm rly helping her I think. The 1/2

| Alternative would have been much worse for her, I know that.

| >>633474 a bit ;P
>>633478 sounds fun :)
>>633519 dunno which I like more

| how summon?

| ^

| How can I summon you so that I can fuck your tight pussy and smelly little butthole? What kind of payment do you accept besides draining my energy?

| >>633852 first off, why TF would you call a butthole smelly, that's gross
Secondly, I won't do it for anything other than energy, there's no way to fuck me without getting your energy taken.
And third, I'm not about to tell people on this degenerated board my seal, I'm not an idiot.

| Have you been around the world? What are some things you've seen that you like?

| >>633901
Seems you weren't lying about having standards. A degenerate board like this seems like a great place to tell people how to summon you if you want to feed a lot, but definitely not if you care who you feed on.


| >>633905 like I said, 3 cities, on in Canada, two in US. I really like con culture, cosplay is fun and it's easy to just walk around in pretty slutty and cute clothes there xP

| >>633924 definitely. Plus, if I was summoned I'd be ripped out of this sweet bod I got myself ;P

| >>633936
True dat.

| how to sex?

| Upon opening the thread, did you have any questions you wanted us to ask? I doubt maky of us know anything about succubi, so our questions are probably pretty simple/stupid. Were there any really good questions you had in mind?

| Oh! And are you a Danger/u/ regular, or do you just visit different boards doing Q&As? Or did the g/u/rl you possessed have the app on her phone?

| prove to me you're real and not a larper

| Do you have a family and do you keep in touch with them at all?

| >>634046 if you need to ask someone how to sex, then you really don't need to know

| >>634047 I had a few ;P but I don't wanna say what they are lol

| >>634048 girl's phone had this app and a bunch of others, I've lurked on here and 4chan (love the paranormal board there, wish we had one), and stuff like that. This is my first time posting so far.

| >>634144 idk how to do that 乁( •_• )ㄏ

| >>634192 technically I have a family since I was hellborn, but most families aren't close there at all, most people don't even know who their parents are down there, it's just not really important to us. I'm glad I don't know tbh, it's nice to have no strings on me

| Is your human healthy, and are you taking precautions and being careful now with Corona everywhere? Does a human get stronger immune system and stuff when possessed since they are kinda merged with a stronger being, or are they more or less the same but with the ability to feed through sex (and controlled by someone else of course)?

| >>634245 she's healthy and I'm taking care of her. The stronger thing really depends on what kind of demon is possessing someone. Certain demons can be thought of like combining their force into the human and that can make them stronger, and others work more like puppeting or influencing and a human won't get stronger. Succubi are pretty low to mid level possessors (if they can do it at all), for me it's like I'm puppeting her body, she's about as strong as before, maybe a bit less

| Aw sweet I just realized I have 69 comments ;P

| So you broke the 69 chain to say it is 69, un-nice :(

| Do you have anyone in mind that you want to posses once your current host dies, or will you just find someone once the time comes?

| Do you watch hentai? And if you do, what is your opinion on the hentai artists' perception on succubi? Is it spot on or there's something you want to change?

| >>634562 I don't have my eyes on anyone at the moment.

| >>634564 a little bit. Like I said earlier, they get a little bit right and tons wrong. But tbh, I don't know if I'd want that changed given the opportunity.

| succ the corona virus out Of me

| Begone, demon thot.

| I don't really have much else to ask you but I hope you stay safe and keep that girl safe as well.

| What are your hobbies? What do you usually do when you're not feeding or other essentials?

| >>635101 thank you ^^ very kind, kinder than most here

| >>635115 I've been playing lots of video games actually, and I'm on the internet lots

| >>635167
Oh, nice! What games specifically?

| >>635174 mostly stuff she had on her computer, I rly like overwatch, and I loved doom (which I know sounds odd but. You probably like games about killing humans) lol. I'm honestly excited for doom eternal which I KNOW sounds so cliche lmao but I am!

| >>635185
Ay, same! Love killing demons (no offense). Love killing humans in games too. Fictional murder is just great in general.

| Gotta admit, a demon slaying demon does sound pretty badass. Was betrayed/smthn forever ago, swears revenge on demon kind. Would never realistically happen, but makes for an interesting story. Either that, or a demon who just went off the rails.

| >>635275 smth like that has happened a couple times, but they never got far irl lol

| >>635287 exactly. I'd just figure if they actually ended up causing enough of a ruckus, some more powerful demon would just come bitch slap them.

| Can we have an unprotected hand holding please?

| Do you have any demon friends?

| What's your cup size?

| >>635629 okie

| >>635690 I've hung out with some other succubi recently, lots of fun! I wouldn't say we're really friends yet but I'd like to be

| >>635697 about Bs

| >>635710 banned for lewd

| Can you tell us more about hell? How does it look like? Do you have laws and what kind of community is there? Is there a ruler? Also, does that also mean there's Heaven? Ever been to it? Sorry for a lot of questions but you said AMA, so...

| Oh, btw, just noticed I forgot to capitalize Hell but did capitalize heaven so here you go ;)

| Is Hell cold? Hot? Or both?

| Do you love sex?

| >>635778 how does earth look like? That's about what your question is like, certain parts of it are very very different from others. Some areas look how you'd expect, others look similar to earth, some are hot, some cold, some places are stony, others fleshy, etc. It would be hard to describe it all in detail here lol, maybe I'll write smth up later. We have laws, and rulers, most of the laws are there to keep the hierarchy in place and junk. There is smth like heaven, never been

| >>635810 like I said, some places are hot, some are cold. It usually leans on the hot side, but some places are absolutely FRIGID

| >>635815 definitely lol! Obviously. We're made to like sex a lot. It feels good because it can be reproduction (like you guy's), but also feels good because it's food. And most succubi are very sensitive and have very high libido for obvious reasons lol. So yeah lol.

| >>635853 define fleshy, how does it work as a place in hell? A biome made outa flesh and gorey stuff

| Do you have any forms of entertainment in Hell similar to what we humans have?

| How can I go to hell?

| I love monsters and would love to research them up close

| >>635857 >>635857 some of hell's flora is made out of stuff you'd consider fleshy, it's pretty gross and smells bad sometimes. It's usually a red or brown, but different skin tones do exist. A lot of them are carnivorous like your fly traps, and some eat like a starfish does. They can get really big in some places and aren't really good for most higher demons to eat, but they keep pests down and can be good for grazing.

| >>635887 yeah kinda! Music is pretty big hear around fancy places and most of us know how to read at least one of our languages. There's plays and sometimes we tell stories. We don't really have tv or video games and stuff like that, mostly because hell was too busy fighting to develop that stuff, and our resources are VERY different than yours. Part of why I love my job lol! You have some really great stuff here, youtube is great, so helpful

| >>635890 you might find your way here when you die, but it's unlikely and will feel weird to be here without a body. Other than that, youd need a portal or smth to be able to come here, and it would not be very fun for your biologies lol.

| >>635891 same!! I'm kinda into cryptids and anomalies and stuff lately, it's really fascinating

| How long have you been a succubus? Like are you relatively young or been one for awhile? What's the average lifespan of a succubus?

| What are your thoughts about the human king race.

I didn't put grammar on purpose

| >>636129 I'm only like, 20 smth in human years, really really really young lol! Succubi reach maturity really fast for obvious reasons and we don't age like you do, we don't really keep track of or celebrate birthdays like you. Succubi don't age, so we only die when something bad happens. I'm not sure what the average is though

| >>636130 what's a king race? Like Kings running against each other or racing to be king or...?

| >>636154
Bro, I wish that was how we selected kings. Every few years motherfuckers just sprinted as hard as they could to grab the crown.

| How does your favourite place in hell looks like? And whats your favourite place our world?

| Maybe Hell has stuff like internet, video games and other devices but it's all hoarded by the elite and military, since you demons have portal tech and stuff, in earth our tech advanced for war and was unweaponized for the public, what are your thoughts on that? Demon politcs sound similar to ours.

| >>636165 favorite place is this little patch of permafrost near where I used to live, it's quiet and if I light a fire it's a surprisingly nice temperature, and it's nice cuz I'm usually alone there. My favorite place on Earth is this var I frequent, they have live music some nights and lots of cute food! The bartender really likes me I think

| >>636167 maybe that's true, I wouldn't know though. I'm not lucky enough to be owned by some Baron or Lord or smth. It seems unlikely based on what I know but it might be possible.

| name your boss (Queen Mother) and all her daughters go

| >>636154 >>3216fe
I mean people who are like half humans

| Do you have any pets or tameble creatures in hell?

| Are slaves a thing there? Since you can be owned by rich demons.

| >>636193 that's a good question.

| >>636185 like I said, I don't know who my mom is and I don't know my siblings, if I have any. As for boss, I'm part of one of Prince Sitri's legions, though I've obviously never met him directly

| >>636190 ok..??

| >>636193 definitely! There's lots of different beasts down here, some of them are similar to yours and most are unique here. Some are tameable too, and we get food from them, or transport. Some can even be bound as familiars if we'd like

| >>636195 yep! Usually lesser demons or demons that did something bad, and anything that used to be mortal is very likely to be a slave. Most of them are treated horribly and are forced to grow things or to build stuff, though some are treated nicer and more like pets or servants. I used to be owned by a Duke actually!! He kept me as a maid and for sex, it was kinds nice tbh, I was treated well and not hurt, but honestly I have lots of bad conflicted feelings about it...

| Is there social mobility? Could your start as a slave and become a arch demon king?

| >>636232 I mean it's possible I guess but the hierarchy makes it pretty much impossible, if you're born an imp or a succubus or smth you'll probably stay at the bottom rung forever. There's a few people who have broken out of their social class but it's incredibly, incredibly rare and difficult

| Do you think equality is ever gonna be a thing in hell? Like, the lesser demons rising up and demanding equality, or some higher demon who dislikes how lesser ones are treated and starts a movement?

| >>636235 I honestly don't know, I feel like it'll never happen

| >>636224
you didn't get the reference to Queen Mother? am i missing something here?

| >>636224
you didn't get the reference to Queen Mother? am i missing something here?

| What happens if you drink or touch holy water?

| >>636250 ah, sorry??

| >>636253 you feel gross because it's like, salty water some old man has dipped his hands into a bazillion times, gross

| >>636258
the Matriarch? the Queen Mother or whatever she's called. the First.

| >>636273 I don't know what you're talking about, at all lol

| >>636273
Queen Elizabeth the first? The fuck does she have to do with succubi?

| Can I be the demon king too if dream hard like a shonen progonist? *v*
Also how do you posses and leave a body?

| How can I find a good succugirl to love me?

| >>636284 >>636298
who the hell is Lilith to you??? am i lost in scriptures?? basically every succ should know the name

| >>636304 you can't lol. Possessing and leaving a body for me is like moving my body into someone else's like a no clip basically. It's different for different types of possession tho

| >>636307 I dunno, just keep your eyes peeled for girls with high sex drives I guess lol

| >>636312 Lilith is the mother of succubi, she was the first one, created us and then got us knocked down the social ladder pretty quickly. She's the highest of any succubus and the strongest, I honestly have a deep admiration for her

| If you eat life energy can you poop or pee? Asking for a friend ands for research

| >>636312
Why say nicknames for Elisabeth and not just say Lilith?

| Have you ever had cum ice cream? Especially one made from big brother.

| >>636414 if I eat human food I do (and I have to eat to keep my possessed human alive), but the energy I eat just dissapates away

| >>636442 I didn't think I did say nicknames for that?? I'm so confused tbh

| >>636477 I'm like 99% sure cum ice cream isn't real and you're just fucking with me

| >>636518
I meant the homie who started talking about Lilith. He said Queen Mother, Matriarch and The First. All nicknames for Queen Elizabeth that have nothing to do with Lilith, except maybe "The First".

| How do succubi know if a target's energy is tasty and juicy

| >>636529 ah, ok. He's probably just trying to sound cool or smarter than he is

| Can a demon die?

| >>636536 we can see how much energy smth has.

| >>636545 yep.

| In your perspective humans are like aliens, lesser beings, food or something else?

| Can you posses the opposite sex? If so, how is the experience?

| Why the fuck are people still on this thread holy shit

| >>636555 humans are most like food to me I guess, it's really really hard to view a human as a person and not just as something I need to survive

| >>636556 I can! Though I haven't done that yet, or assume it would be uncomfortable, but I dunno

| >>636557 I guess ppl just like talking to me?

| >>636563 I like talking to you :)
Also how does it feel to talk to your food and it acttualy talks back?

| What othwr type of demons come to earth that you know of? Any we should try to avoid or something if we dont want to be deaded?

| >>636565 aw thank you :) at times I feel distant and unable to relate to you but other times I really understand you as a person I think, maybe it helps that I can't see you though, I dunno

| >>636568 do you have any questions for us humans?

| >>636566 a bunch of different types do, it's pretty common actually. Just use common sense and don't try to summon smth I guess lol

| >>636571 not any I can think of right now, I'll let you know if I think of one!

| >>636573
Makes sense. On that note, does that means like pacts are a thing? Or is this just lies to trick people into summoning demons?

| If I make a long, nice, detailed contract with a demon, will Something bad happen?

| Hey what would the ideal human dick look to you? Also are demon dick different

| >>636580 some demons use pacts, some honor them and some just use them to trick humans.

| >>636582 depends lol

| >>636583 not too big, not too small, no foreskin, lots of pre, not too veiny. Demon dicks obviously look different, some are incredibly similar to humans, some are very different... Lol

| >>636654
>liking genital mutilation
Yep, you are a demon alright

| Do succubus do pacts? If so what kind of pacts do they usually do?

| Will you suck my pussy?

| >>636792 ??

| Do you masturbate?

| >>636837 some do, I personally don't though. Most of the time its agreements for feeding the succubus, though sometimes the pact involves the succubus owning or being owned by the human, I've even heard of marriage esq pacts or like, pacts about love lol. That's rare though, succubi pacts are already rare, and honestly it just seems odd to me lol

| >>636850 maybe lol

| >>636892 I do a lot actually! It's very useful for when I'm not hungry but my sex drive gets too hard to ignore

| How long is this charade going to last?

| Has any human or demon caught you by the heart? If so how did it turned out

| >>636908 like metaphorically or

| >>636927 like metaphorically or? Lol, I've had a couple crushes before, but I deal with them pretty well

| Can demons get sick? And is there any viruses or bacteria in Hell

| >>636949 we can, but luckily its very different than the stuff that makes you sick. If it was similar then we would both probably die of horrible diseases we have no immunity to everything something crossed over lol

| so you don't have demonic stds?

| >>636973 humans can't get demonic STDs and vice versa, basically

| >>636974 that was information I woke up today wanting to know.

| Can humans get powers from making deals with succubus?

| Can you help me take over the world? If you do I will give you as many humans as you want

| >>636977 yay :)

| >>636978 probably not

| >>636980 I don't need anymore humans, or need any help getting them. thank you lol

| Can i get a quick nut

| >>636990
what do demonic stds look like?

| >>636991
The doujins have lied to me!

| >>637032 if you try

| >>637040 we have lots of different kinds, just like you have. They're all really gross, lots involve painful growths on our bodies, others are like herpies, etc. Lots of different kinds, our medicine is surprisingly good so it's not a huge problem for most of us anymore

| Does hell have universal healthcare?

| >>637086 nope, we have to trade something for it usually. Sometimes there's a doctor who'll do it for free but that's very rare and we don't have any real infrastructure for this

| Any tasty traditional food from hell that could sound good for humans

| >>637099 our food is usually made with stuff in hell that you don't have so not much, but flavor wise I have stuff! Hell food is usually lots of meat and tough vegetables, we like it spicy and noodle Esq stuff is big too. Almost always served piping hot. Alcohol works the same way and is great lol. My favorite stuff is kinda similar to Mongolian BBQ I guess? It's hard to find a good analogue for it lol

| I love me sum spicy bbq, demons have good taste, whats your favourite thing about earth

| >>637119 my favorite thing is the culture and media and stuff :D

| Can eat from other creatures?

| By that I mean drain from other animals

| >>637128 I mean technically but it would be really gross to do it on an animal?? Like rly gross in a bad way lol, and it would be almost nothing cuz my body wasn't made to eat their energy and they don't have as much as humans and most demons do anyways

| Have you been to other places besides hell?

| >>637136 like I said, earth and hell

| Did you have to go through education similar to us? What exactly were you taught,if you were taught anything, growing up?

| How do I meet you Ms.Succubus?

| >>637181 most demons of the lower castes don't have much education at all. Succubi are lucky, we are usually taught to read some human languages if we're chosen to go to earth, so I knew that. And then I got a tiny bit more education when I was owned by that Duke. Everything else I know I taught myself when I was on Earth or just picked up somewhere

| If you could take anything from hell to earth, what would it be?

| And also what would you take from earth to hell?

| >>637253 >>637254 I'm not sure what I'd take from hell. If take the laptop I play games on to hell I think

| Is there wi-fi in hell?

| >>637291 nope

| >>637306 aah yes the ultimate form of torture

| Worst crime to ever be commited in hell?

| Is there electricity in hell? It sounds kind of useless to bring your laptop back there if you can't use it.

| >>637311 it really depends on who you ask and what you mean? Like officially it's rebelling against him. In my opinion though, prolonged torture or mutilation seems worse. But I don't rly know.

| >>637326 oh that's right lol, I guess I'll change my thing I bring back to be... Probably a box of comics and books and manga and stuff

| >>637328 you could always use a eletric monster pet or magic, oh can wi-fi go trough portals? Because if thats the case you can leave a portal open

| >>637426 there's no electric monster pets or magic that could do smth like this without breaking it, or at least none I know of or could do. WiFi probably couldn't go through a portal because of all the interference it would cause, plus leaving a portal open would be awful for everyone

| Do you miss your home land?

| >>637523 not at all, honestly

| I've always kinda had this silly little idea where if everyone were to just suddenly disappear, I'd build a little cabin near a stream with a water wheel for electricity. And just like... chill. Grab canned food from a supermarket until I read enough books in the abandoned library to learn how to raise animals and stuff. Makes me wonder if something like that would work in hell. It'd be a stupid amount of work, but electricity is so convenient. Why has no one brought it over yet?

| The whole eternal damnation in hell thing doesnt sound as that big of a deal now since it seems all sorts of demons just use portal to come here again.

| what's your name so i can invoke you or smth
recommend any gently domineering succ friend of yours? have her be a sadist?

| >>637591

| >>637615
prison guards can come in and out of prison

| >>637591 for lots of reasons, the majority of demons haven't been to earth and even fewer know enough to want electricity. Even if they did there's not much to power with it here lol

| >>637615 I guess? But it's incredibly hard for something that was once mortal to use a normal portal, so yeah

| >>637617 I can't tell you, and I wouldn't risk hurting any of my fee friends

| I would love a succugurl friend how was your first time?

| >>637798 first time like first time sex? It felt amazing, like scratching such a bad itch haha

| >>637705 electrifying hell sounds like an amazing business strategy. People who buy a new Apple product every year are already in their own type of purgatory. Bring it over and capitalize!

| >>637904 lol, literally the opposite of doom. We exploited earth and it's energy because it's in hell's best interest to do so lol

| Since you are from a after life realm, do know if the apocalipse is coming? As in if the are any plans to exterminate or reduce humanity?

| Because the planet is in chaos now since the four horsegurls of the apocalipse are here, we alread have plague, death and almost had war

| >>638003 there's always plans like that but they never go through. We didn't cause any of this but you'll probably be fine, if anything I'm not gonna survive it cuz it's really hard to find good right now haha

| >>638225 there's still many essential services open in America. Perhaps you'll just have to get creative. Good luck tho! My question is how do you reliably score, over and over again? Do you use pickup lines? Do g/u/ys just come up and pick you up? Also, do the parents of possessed g/u/rl (hi in there btw - hope ur comfy) know that she's having a bunch of sex now, and if so, how are they reacting? Thanks succ g/u/rl!

| >>638254 when you need to fuck to live, you get really good at picking people up lol. It really depends on where you go to do it at (bars and clubs are usually really good choices). Sometimes I use a pickup line if I think it will help. Sometimes guys will pick me up, especially if I dress cute, other times I go after them. Her parents don't know, she wasn't talking to her parents much at all before so they haven't even really noticed

| >>638260 can you use magic to get D?

| >>638267 some can do smth like that, but I can't

| Now for the important questions, big or small? Straight or bent? With or without skin? Hairy or bald? Girthy or skiny?

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