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How do I find a sadist girl?

| I mean without holding a giant size that says "My peepee gets hard when girls are insult and/or hurt me"

| Fuck, I meant to post this on /d/ but I posted this here by mistake. Admins please delete the post.

| They can just move it, you know?

I don't really know, but I recommend finding someone who's not actually mean, you know? Someone who can enjoy insulting you because she knows you like it, and, you know, doesn't actually dislike you. Because getting in a relationship with someone who truly dislikes you is, well, yeah. That ain't gonna last.

| >>626681 Assuming they even will if they reaally do in the first place.

| I'm here.

| >>626737
Hello there.

| On FetLife I'd say or reddit. You'd be surprised how many actually good looking girls are into all all kinds of kinds and may even be in your area.

| >>626773
I know I'm a beta fag but I'm not that low. Might try FetLife tho.

| >>626737 >>626769 didn't you hear her? She said her name was Here, not There. Hello Here!

| Just hold smaller sign "please bully my boi pucci" and say "I'm sorry" a lot

| >>626812
>Implying that would attract women instead of gay men

| >>626814 Listen, lots of drag queens can look pretty damn convincing

| >>626815
Well where I live there aren't any drag queens or much LGBT things. Also, the fact that I get horny when I receive pain and when I get degraded doesn't erase the fact that I still like cis women

| >>626815
>Drag queens

Yeah, those Adam's apples are super feminine

| Switch here~
I'm always looking for a cute sub to add to my collection heh

| >>626815 >>626818 It’s called a joke, g/u/rls. Better passers than trannies 100% though

| >>626852
Might consider it but I still want a sadist gf.

| >>626852
OK so....got room for me too or nah?

| same wish. Northern Switzerland here

| >>626969 I won't try to persuade you but you should consider switches just because we want to be submissive with some others doesn't mean we want to be submissive to you

>>626989 Why not? The more the merrier!

| >>627031 nice

| >>627024
It's nice that other guys have the same feeling, even if they are from the other side of the world.

| bump

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