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Crossdressing thread because why not?

| what is your favorite look at home?

| Hoodie dress and thigh highs are classic. That's also all I've got right now, since I don't have money for more stuff.

| >>626608 Sexy


| >>626673
Thank you :)

| I bought stuff for my bf. Drooling at the thought.

| I want to be more cute, but I'm too tall - _-

| >>627096
I'm 6'2, and I can assure you it's still very possible to be cute and tall. I'm not the greatest example of that as I haven't shaved in months and don't have a lot of crossdressing gear, but being tall really isn't an excuse to not be cute. I also know some girls who are tall and cute. Some boys who are tall and cute too, so don't give up over something as unimportant as height.

| >>b43000 oh, that was inspiring, thanks!

| >>627179
I'm glad :)

| >>627096 I mean, if you're a guy, you're not exactly a front cover of being cute so heights might as well not matter at all.

| Panties, bra, tshirt is my casual combo

| >>627277
I really want that.

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This thread is permanently archived