How many time can you have sex a week before it becomes an issue

| I blow a load like once everyday. I'm starting to think its unhealthy

| 3-4x a day was the most my partners ever could go.

| When partner says it's too much,or you think it's too much

| >>afdf8d jesus 3-4x a day that's either true love or someone wanted a kid brother for Christmas

| I dated a girl back in 2010 and we fucked 2 times a day for an entire month straight. Out of all of those days we even had a day where we had sex on and off for an entire 24 hour period that we called our "Fuck-a-thon".

| Probably close to how many times you can masturbate a day, maybe a little more.

| >>625395 damn that's hard to imagine I cant even masturbate more than once a month without feeling tired of it lolol

People in love and people with healthy sex drives are crazy, huh?

Crazy in a good way, I mean

| >>625576 It's called youth. And I'd never got a chance to experience it.

| What a bunch of sad sacks.

| >>625395
Damn. Sounds chill.

| >>625819 same here lol

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