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What should I do?

| Through some ads page like Craigslist but centered in sex I contacted a marriage who was searching for someone for sex ┬┐should I go ?I'm a little scared of ending in some shit like organ trafficking (what seems very unlikely btw)

| Sounds pretty sketchy

| >>d40a7e i guess I freaked out I bit I dont think it will happen something bad to me

| I'll be careful anyways

| You dont have to do sketchy things to get sex lol

| >>624368 what if you want sketchy sex.
like double penetration with a heroin addict cock and a loaded double barrel shotgun.

| >>624509
That just sounds like someone trying to justify rape.

| what the fuhyuck is this post
Don't go OP lmao, it's not worth it

| >>624330
Contact the spouse.

| What should you do? I think you should do yourself a favor by not going there for some sketchy sex.

| Doublelist?

| Just find a librarian to have sex with

| Is OP still alive? If not, just remember that I warned you

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This thread is permanently archived