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I want to have sex with...

| Myself. I'm so Damm sexy

| Nice

| just stretch out your penis until you can shove it up your ass and then die

| >>623770 he shall become the Ouroboros

| I also want to have sex with OP

| Can I have sex with OP?

| >>fd0fce no, you can't. I'm to sexy for you

| Soo*

| Am >>fd0fce. Turns out OP cannot communicate, so I no longer desire to have sex with them.

| selfcest doujin is actually so fire tho

| I want to fuck Dryad from Terraria

| >>624371 same tbh

| I want to fuck next female pokemon triner

| I want to fuck females during their first day of being a Pokémon trainer.

| >>624587 Yes officer, this post right here.

| lol

| Emma Watson

| >>624587
id most certainly lavish them with potions and pokeballs and encourage them to join my campsite for the night if you understand my meaning

| >>624852
Well, of course. That is the usual process. It can also be fun to play a punishment game when it comes to winning Pokémon battles. A lot more exciting too, since it's on the route.

| >>624912 >>624587 I will just inform you that the average age of a beginner Pokemon trainer is 10. Just so your ancap self can understand what your getting into.

| >>625089
>you will never mentor a beginner Pokemon trainer, teach her to train and care for her Pokemon
>youll never get to see the smile in her face, the glint in her eye, from catching her very first one, or from earning her first badge, tackling you with a hug "i did it oniichan! i really did it!"
>you will never camp together under the stars throughout your many adventures together, befriending new Pokemon and foiling the plots of team rocket along the way
this world is unjust!

| >>625132
then one night after escaping the cold downpouring rain, huddling together in the shelter of a small cave, the two of you, i mean, after all this time together things just take their natural course.

the important thing is you do become champion of the elite four when all is said and done

| >>625089
Oh I'm fully aware.

That is beautiful!

| Giraffe, with mounted radiator up its ass

| Valentine's Day is coming to fuck us all, and I'm willing to submit to her~ Have you ever wanted to penetrate a holiday? That feeling is like no other you fucking perverts~ I'm gonna give her a taste of my choco train~ Choo choo~

| >>56fc88 Wtf did i just type...

| >>624322 I swear one of the best doujins I read was Akira x Joker from P5

Good times all around <3

| >>625582 idk /g/ url you tell us lol

Never thought about fucking a holiday before, might be fun?

| I want to have sex with valentine

| The waifu version of me.

| >>625702
You are already someone's waifu

| >>625851

| This one guy I know irl but I know for a fact I’ll come home to some shitty vn

| I don't even have someone who do I want to have sex with :(

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