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Star Station Perihelion Returns: The Choose Your Own Adventure

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>Somewhere, lost among a pile of moldy cardboard boxes amidst the damp, unfinished basement of your mother's house, you discover one box in particular that had been carefully wrapped in cellophane and reinforced by at least twenty pounds of packaging tape.

>You carefully cut open the packaging with a box cutter, and find a vintage Super /cyb/er Boy 3000! It even comes with a memory stick and a game cartridge still inside it!

>Eagerly, you manage to plug in the RGB jacks into your liquid crystal amoled holographic trideo device. As the ancient console hums on first activation, your screen dims as a glowing title screen scrolls down the monitor...

danger/d/ presents...








| >>617523






>The game seems to already be set to "Please, be gentle."

Where we're going, we won't need content tags.

Hurt me, daddy.

>Please, be gentle.

I'm too cute to die!

>Beneath the options are two additional settings, both currently set to off.

Permadeath Mode

Virgin Mode

| >enable "Hurt me, daddy"

| >After that, let's see what Virgin Mode is.

| >>617531

>CAUTION: Saving will be required on this mode for sure- attacks that can and *should* kill you WILL kill you, it'll be more difficult to get out of dangerous situations, and people and things that you meet will be less likely to succumb to "Rule of Cool."

>Are you sure? Y/N


>Description: Virgin mode allows you to play through the game with all NSFW content disabled, lending to a more traditional CYOA experience.

| >N



| >>617534


>You decide to remain on the baseline mode. Would you like to hear a description?


| >Oh, sure.

| >>617537
Alright so, no virgin mode
and baseline mode sounds about right.

| >>617539

| >>617538

>"Please, be gentle!" mode is the closest to "normal" in this universe, insofar as a futuristic lewd hell can be considered normal. Lewd things can and still happen but can be avoided with a combination of restraint and smart thinking. Actually dangerous or life threatening situations will be obvious, and situations that could *definitely* kill you will be explicitly marked before proceeding.

>On the other hand, "accidentally" being lewded will not end in a Game Over... unless otherwise explicitly stated. Allow me to repeat that- it's still possible to get a BAD END.

| >:thunk:
>Yeah that's fine.
>Let's be smart, g/u/rls

| >>617541
>content tags

| >Onward, to CONTENT TAGS..!

| Should we load game or start a new game? I always feel rude overwriting a previous owner's save file, so I'm casting one vote out for load game.

| >>617555
I'm not sure honestly.
I'd like to start a new one, since I just like starting at beginnings

| >>617556 >>617558
>Another vote for NEW GAME

| >>617555 >>617558

>Luckily, it seems that the memory stick still has room for additional save files, as long as they're a separate playthrough. The complexities of ancient programming languages elude you as to why you can't save more than one save file with the same character in the same campaign, but it probably has something to do with the developer's sanity.

>>617542 >>617543 >>617544


>Below appears to be a list of "tags" for in game content. Please note that everything is set to ON by default.





















A loving, committed, monogamous relationship and possible marriage.










Elon's Musk.



| :3
Well especially if there's multiple save slots lets go with new game
Aww no trap tag :<

| >>617583

Trap is based on character selection, so...

| actually you know what fuck it.


| noice

| >>617589
>turns gay back on
I want to experience all avenues of alien cockery.

| >rees in no gay

| >Adds to turning gay back on

| >>617595
This I am okay with.

| >Personally, I'm agreeing with the rest of the tags. Should we head to NEW GAME, g/u/rls?

| >>617598

| >NEW GAME because TAGS other than the ones listed don't exist probably

| >cheatcode: Boysmakethebestgirls

| Votes:



Old Ugly Bastard OFF: I

Old Ugly Bastard ON: *crickets*


>Sadly, there doesn't seem to be an option... or is there? You might find out...




>*Nothing happens!*

| Now we are ready.
New game, onward for aliens and eggs!

| D: shit.
guess just nugame then.

| >>617603
>rees in cheat code-

| >Welp there you have it.

| N E W | G A M E

>Play the Prologue? Y/N


>Please select *when* in the universe you would like to start:

>Mysterious reports are reaching the UCS High Command emanating from the U.C.S. Far Research Station, Perihelion. Everyday, human resources processes (and denies) requests to leave the vessel, complaining of everything from bad tasting food to sexual harassment, and even danger. You've just been assigned here- lucky for you, right?

>The station is in lockdown- no one gets in, no one gets out. You don't know what happened and no one's willing to talk, whether on the comms or in person. It's been at least two weeks, and your emergency rations are starting to run out. Where is the crew?

>F. U. B. A. R.

| >Y

| adds to Prelude to disaster

| >>617620
Ah, yeah that's fair.
fair, fuck now I don't know
are these all different campaigns?
thought prelude was like prologue then goes to the second chapter

| >>617623
>I assume these are different points in the same story and it's up to us where to start

| >I said Y for prologue, which means we would go through that, PRELUDE, and all the way through to MIDNIGHT and beyond

| >>617613 >>617614 >>617617




>They all take place in the same setting, but they take place at different times- for example, Resident Evil 2 & 3 both took place in Raccoon City, but 3 takes place after 2 IIRC, or side by side at least.

>In this case, DEPTHS and MIDNIGHT would take place assuming that no one solved the problems/saved everyone in PRELUDE.

>Please note that even if a campaign was completed, it's not going to lock out the other choices, so don't worry if you want to restart with a new character.*

*Some previously made characters may or may not make a cameo appearance as you progress the campaign.

| >>617625
>That's a safe bet. Let's

| >>617628
>Oh nice.

| >>617624 >>617625

>That's also possible. Keep in mind that the Prologue is basically like the "tutorial mode" and will give you a simplified idea of how the game will progress- especially for anyone who hasn't played yet.

>It is ALSO possible that the choices you all make over the course of the story *won't* stop the very bad things from happening, and you *could* end up having to play through the entire campaign after all.

| >Tutorial
>None of us are familiar with the gameplay

| >>617613 >>617614 >>617617


>You awaken from within your hypercapsule, fully suited in a generic trainee gender ambiguous spacesuit that completely obscures your sex, body type, and any other identifying features except for the identification number on your tag. Some of your fellow completely forgettable and generic trainees snicker at your ID, which appears to be... "6969."

>Looks like you're off to a great start. You should keep in mind that your physical appearance can and will change how people perceive and react to you moving forward.

>You approach the registration clerk and, to fast forward through all the byzantine levels of UCS bureaucratic red tape, you finally find yourself at the entrance to the tutorial mode... er... I mean... boot camp.

>Ahead of you is a square jawed manly man who peers over you disdainfully. He appears to have some incredibly thicc biceps, a castle-like upper body, and a skull shaped like a goddamn bullet slug. In spite of this, his legs look as thin as toothpicks, giving him a gross resemblance to an ape.

>The ape-man throws a double sided larping staff... it's heavily foam padded on both ends.

>The man spins his own with a flourish and points at you, saying nothing except to motion "come at me bro."

>You are now fighting Sergeant Simian!

>What do you do?

| >*You now have a foam padded boffer staff.

| >>617651
>Sweep the legs!

| >Look at those legs! Yikes g/u/rl. Let's aim for whacking his thigh, I hear there are weak parts there.

| >>617654 >>617656

>You immediately lunge for the legs, smacking them with a terrific crack!

>Before the man can even respond, you watch as his legs lose balance and the absolute chonk of his upper body does the rest of the work for you. The man falls to the ground face first, completely out cold!

>Congratulations, you've defeated Sergeant Simian!

>In the future, you may encounter other enemies who have obvious weaknesses- but be warned, it won't always be this easy.

| >>617662
>Never skip leg day

| >You head onto the next room- there's a thicccc glass partition separating half of this room from the next, and on the other side is a man with cybernetic eyes watching you, his electronic pupils glowing a lime green.

>Embedded into the wall is a solid recessed hunk of metal, and a small monitor with attached miniature keyboard. Before the door is a table containing a few items:

>A small knapsack,

>A pair of goggles,

>A large 12 volt battery

>Some cables,

>And a strange electronic device that resembles a small mobile phone.

>The man with the goggles gestures to you the same as the gorilla-man: "Come hither."

| >Let's go see what the glowy guy has to say before we get handsy.

| >Or, uh, is that the goggles guy? Same thing..?

| >>617672

>The man appears to be on the other side of the wall- there's no way to get to him at present.

| >Oh sorry, they're the same person.>>617672 >>617674

| >>617667
>Examine the phone device

| >>617677
>Thanks for clarification oh wise Game Developer from moments past

| >>617678

>The phone like device seems to have an input and output that would fit the cables- one is obviously for drawing power, and the other is a universal bus. The interface is simple, consisting of only a keyboard and a scratched up plastic screen.

| >>617681
>Examine sack

| >>617688

>It appears to be a waxed leather knapsack of holding. You can probably fit all the stuff on the table in here, with some room for snacks.

| >look for snacks to put in our sack

| >>617705

>You search and find no snacks here. :(

| >>617706
"REEEE" in lack of snacks
>go to gorilla man I suppose if there is nothing else

| >Wait! Let's at least pick everything up off the table, put it in the knapsack, and equip it first.



| >>617718
>yes, do that first

| >>617712

>You collect the items and head back to the gorilla man, who's still knocked out cold.

>You now wear a knapsack full of assorted electronics on your back.

>There are paramedics nearby- they point you back toward the area with the wall and the table.

"What are you doing here? Your next challenge is in that room!" >They say.

| >>617722
>Offer condolences to the gorilla man and be on our way, since we seem to be directionally challenged

| >>617725

>You return to the room with the glass partition.

| >Let's look at that chunk of metal with the keyboard.

| >>617735

>You examine the keyboard-device- it's clearly an old fashioned monitor and security system, and it flickers on as you approach.



>You attempt to attach the cables and the battery to the monitor, but can't seem to find a power input of any kind- at least, none that are attached directly to the partition. You do, however, find a hidden panel with an input port for computer interfacing.

| >look at hidden panel

| >Let's maybe actually try to pry it open, if we're going to do that >>617748

| >>617751

| >>617761
>Just adding on so we don't have to make multiple commands

| >>617763

| >>617748 >>617751 >>617761 >>617763 >>617764

>You open the panel and find some ports that look like they can take one of those cables you found earlier.

| >>617790
>plug in then I suppose.
>then look back at the screen and see what it does

| >>617802
it being a cable, at random unless someone decides on another

| >>617802

>You plug the cables into the monitor.

>The screen doesn't seem to change at all.

| >Press the ENTER key on the keyboard.

| >try things until it turns on

| >>617813 >>617817

>You press various buttons on the terminal...

>And manage to reach the login screen?


| >Uhhhhhh..
>Ski-bi dibby dib yo da dub dub

| >>617819


>Nothing happens!

| >REE
>Bamg head against keyboars

| >Bang head against keyboard, coherently this time

| Pretty sure we can't computer here.
>go up to the goggles man

| >>617821 >>617822

>Your helmet bounces off the keyboard, but nothing happens!


>Goggles man is still behind the glass partition. He facepalms as he watches you attempt to interact with the terminal.

| >>617824
>go back to computer

| >>617825


>Still nothing happens...

| >cry

| >>617827

>You cry loudly in the room! Not that much can be heard beyond your training helmet.

| >Wait.

| >>617826
>Use the cable to connect the phone device to the wall computer

| >What about our ID?

| >>617834

>Your ID only seems to consist of the numbers "6969."

| >>617836

| >>617833

>You connect the phone like device to the wall computer...

>The terminal makes a whirring noise and the phone device begins to heat up...



Chances remaining:5.

| >>617838
"Luckily we have as many tries as there are lines. Otherwise we'd probably fuck up..."

| >>617838

| >>617839 >>617840


3 out of 5 correct!

Chances remaining:4.

| >>617841

| >slime

| >>617842 >>617843



>The solid block of metal in front of you slides away, revealing the next room! The goggles man seems to be sitting on a two story ledge, looking down on you from a banister above.

>He appears to breathe a sigh of relief...

>...and then he snaps his fingers, and the room is immediately covered in darkness!

| >>617844
>go to next room then, too dark in here.

| >>617844
>Put on goggles and use the phone device as a light.

| >Maybe we should put on those goggles we have. Can we put on those goggles?

| >>617847

| >>617846 >>617847 >>617848

>You head back further into the second room where there's light and put on the goggles...


>You try to use your phone device as a light source, but as a basic LCD, it doesn't actually light up anything.

| >>617850
>snap our fingers to try and turn the lights back on

| >>617850
>Just walk forward towards the guy. We saw the room for a sec where the guy was.

| >>617852

>You snap your fingers. The sound echoes around the room but nothing happens.

| >>617853

>You attempt to walk toward where the guy was during the short time the lights were on. You barely walk a few meters before crashing into a wall, what with the goggles and the pitch-black darkness obscuring your vision. You're now in a dark room, with the only light source being the entrance.

| >>617855
>wait for eyes to adjust to the darkness
there is some light so it shouldn't take too long

| >>617858

>You wait for a little bit for your eyes to get used to the darkness. A few minutes past and sure enough, even with the goggles on your face, you begin to be able to see vague shapes of walls and maze like crenelations surrounding you. But only about five feet ahead.

| >>617859
>Lift goggles up to forehead and try to circumvent the maze, using my hands to feel around as I make my way forward

| >>617860

>You attempt to make your way through the maze on darkvision alone, feeling your way forward with the goggles sitting astride your head.

>Minutes pass as you stumble about in mostly darkness, but by degrees you eventually find yourself moving in an upward direction. During this time, the only thing you see during your trek are the walls on your sides.

>Eventually, your hands touch the metal banister that the goggle-eyed man was staring down at you from. You hear him speak into your helmet's speakers.

"About damn time you made it up here," >He says, doubly frustrated,

"You're lucky this wasn't a live fire zone. If you had run into something while you could barely see, that cute ass of yours would have been reamed across the floor."

>He snaps his fingers and the lights turn back on.

| >He points to the goggles on top of your forehead.

"Sometimes, tools don't have the luxury of being *charged up.* You gotta know how to improvise. Just be lucky you didn't need to use a *welder* this time. God forbid."

| "Y-you think me ass is cute...?"

| >>617870

>Mister Goggles flicks the top of your helmet!


| >>617873
>stiffen up in response

| >>617876

>He points behind him.

"Beyond that door is your final challenge, after which you'll be sorted into your specialties of choice... You'll have over four months of boot camp to look forward to, based on what the U.C.S. thinks you're most suited for. You already have the basics of interaction down and hopefully have an idea of what to expect..."

>He smiles grimly.

"...well... I guess we'll find out, won't we?"

| >>617877
"I'll do my best sir!"
>Salutes, hitting the helmet a little too hard but tries to hide the pain

| >walk to the door with bravado surely nothing could stop us now

| >>617882 >>617883

>You bravely march toward the door, one small step away from escaping the tutorial and diving head first into the game proper!

>As the door opens, you immediately find yourself...

>...walking on an organic growth of alien substances, more akin to stretched genitals or the skin of an elderly person's limbs, pulled taught- large veins and arteries bulge gently, pulsating with liquid as they flow up thick, cartilaginous arches which form the claustrophobic walls ahead of you.

>There are nothing but tunnels of tightly sculpted, xenophiliac protrusions which evoke a combination of disgust and bewilderment at their... alien-ness. Behind you, the door you had just walked through has vanished entirely, covered instead by a gasping protrusion, almost like someone's mouth with lips that are far too dry, corpse grey and hardened to a close. There's no way to go back.

>All around you, the ambience evokes that of the inside of something's womb- even with your helmet on, you can hear a dense pulsing, as if your heartbeats were threatening to explode your ear drums. Indeed, your own heart races in time with this outside pump- the longer you stay in one place, the more it threatens to drive you insane.

>Go forward, into the darkness.

>Go left.

>Go right.

| BGM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZIoFNE7Xp0

| >go left

| >>617895

>You press leftward, feeling the resounding beat of some kind of environmental heart pulse punch itself through your suit and your mind every second. The tunnel is dark and you soon find yourself blind. Truly blind.


>Take another action.

| >>617899
>Examine the goggles for some battery port

| >>617903

>You search and find a small port on the underside of the goggles- it looks like it can take a power cable!

| >>617904
>insert the power cable carefully like a virgin penis in to a fine onahole

| >>617905

>The goggles light up as you plug it into the battery- you hear it fizzle to life as a warm breath of air passes through this tunnel toward you.

| >>617906
>apply goggles to eyes and look around

| >>617907

>You barely have the goggles on correctly when you catch something out of the corner of your eyes...

>There is... some... indescriBABLE THING coming toward you from your left, at incredible hihg speed.

| >>617908
Run away!

| >>617910
Run away +1

| >>617910

>You run in the opposite direction- but you can hear it catching up. It will be upon you soon (two turns). Ahead of you are the crossroads you first entered.

>What do you do?

| >>617913
>turn to the right from where we were running away from it, and look for a place to hide our, as mister goggles put it "cute ass"

| >>617914


>You run ahead in the opposite direction, hoping to find a place to escape the inDESCRIBABLE THING...

| >continue running from the eldritch horror maybe throw a cable at it

| >>617918

>Which cables?

| >>617919
>cancel action
>just keep running

| >>617920

>You keep running and see ahead a variety of gigantic web-like protrusions hanging over the walls crossing the tunnel! You can hear the THING closing in on you!

| >>617922
>Run nearby the webs and try to trick the creature into getting trapped into them!

| >>617927

>You run toward the nearby webs and manage to get yourself entangled!

| >>617931
>Try to vainly struggle free

| >>617931
>remove clothes to get out of web, they're lost now, maybe the scent will trick the thing as we run

| >Look up, maybe there's something for us to grab hold of?

| >Look up, maybe there's something for us to grab hold of?

| >>617932

>You struggle, but can't escape the webby grasp!


>You attempt to undo your clothes, but you're inside a self contained environmental suit- you can't just undo it here!


>Aside from the webs, there isn't anything else you can grab...

| >>618062
Grab the web and try to pull it off from where its attached too!

| >continue

| >>618076

>You try desperately to pull at the web, and watch in horror as your hands are only further entangled in the alien bullshit. You feel your body become extremely cold as the impossibly black THING approaches you, and engulfs you in an endless sleep....


| >...



>... suddenly, a voice in the darkness...

"...wake up sleepy head..."

>X - FREYA 9 0 CRYOSTOR. 20.20.1


"...it's time... to smell the ashes."

| "But I don't want to smell asses..."

| Are you a girl... or a boy?



>Female (Male) [Trap]

>Male (Female) [Reverse Trap]

What is your bodytype?





What color is your hair?


Your hairstyle?

>Chinese dual buns
>Straight long
>Double braid
>Twin tail
>Quadruple tail
>Shoulder length

Eye color?

>Dark brown
>Light Blue

Bust size?
Note: Males that are not traps are flat by default.


What are your skills... and weaknesses?

>Select no more than five skills and/or weaknesses that your character will have.

>You may choose the same skill or weakness twice- doing so will magnify the bonuses of that skill, AS WELL as its weaknesses.

>To get a description of a skill, highlight one and ask.

>Remember, each skill and weakness will change the game in unintended ways.





>Incompatible with SOFT FOOTED.


>Incompatible with IMMUNO-COMPROMISED









>Incompatible with NYMPHOMANIAC




>Incompatible with IRON WILL






>Incompatible with CLUMSY


| You have one week from now to make your choices and to enter them here. Next weekend, the results will be tallied and this save file's character will be generated from the resulting votes.

During this time, you may also decide on a name for the character. This will be the next vote after the character's description is decided on. Enjoy!

| Alright cool.
So I've made my choices
>Brown hair
>Pink eyes
>A bust
1 Clumsy
2 Animal Empathy
1 Honest
1 Negotiation
trappy boi who is friend to animals, honest and mo-ayy and relies on other people to fight for himer, and figure it matches with how that tutorial went.

| my vote
>red hair
single side braid
no vote for eye color

Improvised Weapon x2

| Gender > Female
Body type > Petite
Hair > Red
Hairstyle > Pageboy
Eye colour > Purple
Bust size > B
Skills > Iron will

| Gender >Female
Body Type >Petite
Hair >Black
Hairstyle >Twin braids
Eye Colour >Purple
Bust size >B
Skills >Hacking 2, Engineer, Nymphomaniac, Augmented

| so it looks like we're going female since that's most. (as one who wanted trap, I am a bit saddened but oh well...)
Question is everything else it seems.

| >Current choices so far...

Trap: *
Female: ***
Male: *

Petite: **
Smol: *
Tol: **

Brown hair: *
Red Hair: **
Black hair: **

Ponytail: *
Single side braid: *
Pageboy: *
Twin braids: *
Shoulder Length: *

Pink Eyes: *
Purple Eyes: **
Blue Eyes: *

A bust: *
AA: *
B: **

1 Athletic: *

1 Disability (Missing arm): *

1 Augmented: *

1 Clumsy: *

2 Animal Empathy: *

2 Hacking: *

1 Honest: **

1 Negotiation: *

1 Nymphomaniac: **

1 Piloting: *

2 Improvised Weapon: *

1 Insomniac: *

1 Engineer: **

1 Iron Will: *

1 Sexual Repression: *

>Here's hoping we get more responders, the voting ends on Sunday! Maybe!

| Gender >Female
Body Type >Petite
Hair >Red
Hairstyle >Twin braids
Eye Colour >Blue
Bust size >B
Skills >2xNymphomaniac, Improvised Weapon, 2xRebellious

| >Female
>Brown Hair
>Purple Eyes
>Bust: A
>Improvised Weapon
>Sexual Repression

| Note, you may also request a description of any skill or weakness!

>Votes so far:

Trap: *
Female: *****
Male: *

Petite: ***
Smol: *
Tol: ***

Brown hair: **
Red Hair: ***
Black hair: **

Ponytail: **
Single side braid: *
Pageboy: *
Twin braids: **
Shoulder Length: *

Pink Eyes: *
Purple Eyes: ***
Blue Eyes: **

A bust: **
AA: *
B: ***

1 Athletic: **

1 Disability (Missing arm): *

1 Augmented: *

1 Clumsy: *

2 Animal Empathy: *

1 Hacking: *

2 Hacking: *

1 Honest: **

1 Negotiation: *

1 Nymphomaniac: **

2 Nymphomaniac: *

1 Piloting: *

1 Improvised Weapon: **

2 Improvised Weapon: *

1 Insomniac: *

1 Engineer: **

1 Iron Will: *

1 Sexual Repression: **

2 Rebellious: *

| >description requrest for rebellious, nymphomania, honest, clumsy

| >>619398

Note: These descriptions are not entirely inclusive- interactions with people and things may not always happen like you think they would.


A character with a rebellious nature has almost certainly had a run in with the law in some form, whether justified or unjustified. Perhaps they grew up with a chip on their shoulder against authority due to poor social status or mistreatment by law enforcement. They could be petty criminals, literal rebels or resistance members, or just generally anti establishment.

Taking two points in rebelliousness, however, makes you a person of interest- a renowned terrorist, disgraced professional, or ex convict. Trying to interact with regular civilians or anyone on the other side of the law will be difficult because they likely only know you from a rapsheet as opposed to by your current actions.

Note that this characteristic IS NOT the same as being "evil."


You want to have sex, constantly. This can be good or bad, depending on the person, but regardless of how you feel about it, this biological/mental disorder means you have an overactive libido that you either must willfully suppress lest you become an addict- or perhaps you already are. Actions taken by others to manipulate you lasciviously are more likely to succeed, with obviously dangerous complications.

Taking two points in this perk turns a mere disorder into a bonafide illness. Suppression? Why suppress it? You're on a mission most unholy- fuck everything and everyone you see, without restraint.

...even if this could get you killed.


Honesty is its own reward? In this universe, MAYBE! You're generally confident in your actions and feel like you have very little to hide- the sort of self confidence that some people can feel in your words and actions. When you interact with certain people, they may be more likely to listen to what you have to say, or do what you want. Someone who's honest with themselves is also less likely to be deceived, or at the very least, less likely to warrant suspicion.

The downside to this is obvious however- you find it much more difficult to lie, even when you feel that you really, really need to.

Taking double in this perk allows you to convince even the most cynical of individuals that you have their best interests at heart... or so you think. However, lying becomes *impossible* and attempting to will likely engender a feeling of pity in your unwitting victim before the react violently.


How you made it this far in the universe without dying is anybody's guess- fool's luck? Solar smiles on fools? Who can tell? From your perspective, it's made your life all the more miserable- after all, its all the more difficult, if not impossible, to sneak around or do anything that requires an immense amount of finesse- like balancing plates of food or carrying stacks of guns and ammunition.

Everyone's a little clumsy at some point or another, but few have taken their clumsiness to such a degree that it becomes a part of their very nature, to the point of living a life dealing with it. Taking two points in Clumsiness all but guarantees that you won't be able to move or act sneakily or precisely- and some people find that really endearing.

| Somehow I suspect we're going to regret taking any points in >NYMPHOMANIA and >HONEST.

| I'll cast another vote for one point in sexual repression, to even out >NYMPHOMANIA, and then case two votes into Iron Will. Sounds handy.

| >>619803
Nymph and Iron will are mutually exclusive.

| >>619801 >>619803

Hi! I see that you only voted for one perk on your initial post, so I'd be more than happy to update the votes with your additional selections.


This is correct, so at the end of voting, only one or the other can be one of the five perks that the character starts with. We'll work it out.:)

| >Votes so far:

Trap: *
Female: *****
Male: *

Petite: ***
Smol: *
Tol: ***

Brown hair: **
Red Hair: ***
Black hair: **

Ponytail: **
Single side braid: *
Pageboy: *
Twin braids: **
Shoulder Length: *

Pink Eyes: *
Purple Eyes: ***
Blue Eyes: **

A bust: **
AA: *
B: ***

1 Athletic: **

1 Disability (Missing arm): *

1 Augmented: *

1 Clumsy: *

2 Animal Empathy: *

1 Hacking: *

2 Hacking: *

1 Honest: **

1 Negotiation: *

1 Nymphomaniac: **

2 Nymphomaniac: *

1 Piloting: *

1 Improvised Weapon: **

2 Improvised Weapon: *

1 Insomniac: *

1 Engineer: **

2 Iron Will: *

1 Sexual Repression: ***

2 Rebellious: *

| >>618143 I'm the trap voter from here.
I want to switch over to female since it seems like that's what's going to be the result. Also going with petite I guess from smol.
And I guess change animal empathy for 2 in medical

| >>620062
I understand the sentiment, but i think having it more consolidated would be better

| It is my duty to put a vote into trap, even if it will obviously lose :3 good to see you acb~ :3

| >>620612

| Sorry for not responding sooner! Here's the updated voting so far...

:O It's you! Long time no see! :D It's great to see you as well. <3

>Votes so far:

Trap: *
Female: ******
Male: *

Petite: ****
Tol: ***

Brown hair: **
Red Hair: ***
Black hair: **

Ponytail: **
Single side braid: *
Pageboy: *
Twin braids: **
Shoulder Length: *

Pink Eyes: *
Purple Eyes: ***
Blue Eyes: **

A bust: **
AA: *
B: ***

1 Athletic: **
1 Disability (Missing arm): *
1 Augmented: *
1 Clumsy: *
1 Hacking: *
2 Hacking: *
1 Honest: **
2 Medical: *
1 Negotiation: *
1 Nymphomaniac: **
2 Nymphomaniac: *
1 Piloting: *
1 Improvised Weapon: **
2 Improvised Weapon: *
1 Insomniac: *
1 Engineer: **
2 Iron Will: *
1 Sexual Repression: ***
2 Rebellious: *

Since the voting period ended yesterday, we're well on our way to finalizing character creation. There's a limited number of posts left available on this thread, so in all likelihood the game will start in the next. So far,

You are a female, petite sized human being with red hair. You can't seem to decide whether you prefer ponytails or twintails, however.*

Your eyes are purple and you have a modest B-sized bust.

There are multiple ties in the perks list, so please take the time to examine which you would like to keep and which to replace! At this time, your character can be:

Modestly athletic,
Mostly honest,
Kind of obsessed with sex,
Is skilled in using ordinary items as weapons,
Knowledgeable in fixing most machinery,

And is GUARANTEED to be a little sexually repressed.

You may only keep four of the other traits!

During this time, feel free to suggest potential names for your character- if multiple are offered, a short voting session for those will engage as well.

Please keep in mind that like everything else, what your character is named will affect how you're perceived by others. :P

| >>620845
Ngl a honest, sexually repressed nympho sounds hilarious for an character concept

| >>620856

No kidding, and it will be a challenge to write. :3c What's your fourth choice, if any?

| >>620859

| >>620859

| >>620863

I'm sorry, but at this time you can only choose from one of the remaining four traits: Athletic, Honesty, Nymphomania, Improvised Weapons, and Engineer.

| >>620868
I don't know, Improvised weapons then

| xXBeast69Slayer420Xx. Jk. What's a great far-off-future name?

| >>621028

Ayyyy see what you did there.

| Charlotte Nox

| Honest
Sexually repressed
Improvised weapons

Name: Yuni DeFlache (Unit DFC)

I wonder who you would write a non-nymphomaniac who is extremely sexually frustrated.

| Honest
Sexually repressed
Improvised weapons

Name: Yuni DeFlache (Unit DFC)

I wonder who you would write a non-nymphomaniac who is extremely sexually frustrated.

| Every person this g/u/rl comes across: "I want to fuck him but I can't... I can't... I wonder how big his dick is... Why am I wondering this?" *internally screaming out of sexual frustration*. This is going to be legendary.

| >>621328
yeah nymph and sexually repressed is best combok we needthis

| >>621328
We run into one tentacle monster and we're >fucked.

| Wow we're almost half way through the week aren't we? Let's go ahead and have votes run through Friday, and if we have a decent amount, we'll start this weekend. :3

| so current name suggestions
Richard Enballs
Charlotte Nox
Yuri DeFlache

| .... >w> so uh, no other name suggestions then?

| smh everybody saying they want nympho but not voting for it. i vote for everything but athletic

| >>621751
I figured saying it was voting for it.
But like, yeah. I vote for nympho with sexually repressed, for sexual frustration combo

| How about Nora Cumpen hahaha :3

| >>621405
I like the sound of yuri. I'm horrible at names tbh

| It was actually Yuni, but hey if that's what's preferred, I'll go for it too.

| It was actually Yuni, but hey if that's what's preferred, I'll go for it too.

| >>621976
ah sorry

| Names are hard :p yuni sounds nice tho :3

| >>622575



Honest ****
Nympho **
Improvised ****
Engineering ****


"In space... no one can hear you meme..."

>You type, under the handle xXBeast69Slayer420Xx on your /cybtwit/ account. It's just one of many pseudonyms you've passed under over the years, along with such hallmarks of Matrix obfuscation such as "Richard Enballs," "Yuri DeFlache," and "Nora Cumpen." For serious inquiries, you tell people that your name is Charlotte, but only you know which name is your true name.

>You comb some stray bangs out of your face and gently press them underneath the long, red ponytail you wear. Earlier this morning, you ran out of room to assemble your hair into twintails, and quickly formed a ponytail lest you be late for your flight to the job site.

>The job site... your purple eyes reflect against the thick duraglass of the transport's viewport, illuminating the shiny navbeacons leading up to the research station's docking bays. Because of your petite size, you had a hell of a time convincing anyone that you were the engineer they requested- but you were more than ready to show them the business end of a weaponized blow torch if someone questioned your skills.

>Not that many people would, height or no, however. You have a reputation for putting your money where your mouth is, so to speak, along with several pages worth of recommendations to support it. Most people are likely to trust what you say- you don't usually have anything to hide.

>Well, save for one thing... you think, as you casually delete and purge several tabs of, ahem, creative ways to use organic machine lubricant. Your face reddens enough to mimic your hair and, upon discovering this in the reflection of the window, you shake your head hard.

"No... not now. I have to focus. I- I can't waste time on this."

>It's always been a point of cognitive dissonance for you- most people your age are usually pretty sexually active, and those that aren't are often too tied up in their careers or have had those impulses surgically blocked, to provide fewer distractions in a competitive, galactic market. But not you. The desire burns fiercely in your heart- held in place only by an equivalent amount of duty, introversion, and just plain shyness.

You can still choose a formal name from among those listed if you wish! If no choice is made, Charlotte Nox will be this character's default "legal name" while the rest will remain as false names or Matrix handles.

At this time, you may also choose to reroll this character's backstory before we begin. Please let me know what you think. :3

Sorry for the late post, by the way, weekend was kind of a mess. </3

| I like everything about this.
Glad my name got chosen for the default so far. So my vote is for remain there.

| Charlotte has a nice ring to it, so I'm fine with it too.

>>623428 I think red hair looks naisu.

| I vote to keep things the way they are (unless we wanted to switch to pageboy style hair). I think this is going to end up being an interesting story, to say the least.

| We can always just change the hairstyles every morning or something. No reason to stick to one through the whole thing.

| But otherwise I'm good with that

| >>623521
Maybe like twin tails, or double braids
stuff that can be pulled on by alien cock beasts. I MEAN WHAT?!

| >>623524

| >>623428 >>623440 >>623448 >>623453 >>623480 >>623521

This is fine- as you said, its just hair after all. ^^ however...

>>623524 >>623526

Anytime you make a change to her physical appearance, just remember that it will change how your perceived by others and how they can interact with you. ;3

| Ill throw a vote for charlotte, and i do like this backstory. I also think twin tails is nice :3 hope everything is alright acb :3

| Chat is moving so fast no one will see im gay >:3

| I like ponytail

| I quite like this backstory, and charlotte sounds nice. So let's keep them !

| Backstory looks good, and Charlotte sounds good. Keep ‘em.

| I think we're good then

| wtf

| 看著滿屏英文我他媽直接迷惑。

| weird chan but cool as fuck

| It's been how many months now and this is still pinned?

| >>680537 one day we'll find out what happens to our little girl.
( ´ ▽ ` )

| It seems some g/u/rls still have hope.

| I came

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