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Am I the only guy here???

| I think most of you are girls...

| Silly g/u/rl. There are no g/u/us on the internet!

| *g/u/ys

| >>616460
can you please speak in english, because i don't get you...

| S i l l y g / u / r l . T h e r e a r e n o g / u / y s o n t h e i n t e r n e t .

| >>fb7ac5
I still don't get it...

| Dicc or gtfo

| >>b8ef76 Send dicc pics then "g/u/y". Pffft. Guys aren't real on the internet.

| Does anyone else wonder if there actually are g/u/ys on the internet, and we just scare them away with these threads?

| >>616487 No

| >>616487
There never were, and will never be. They are purely fictional. It's time you g/u/rls understand that.

| That not 4chan here, guy is not real on danger/u/

| Nah

| >>616457 every user of danger/u/ is assumed to be a girl until proved otherwise
dick or gtfo

| >>74331a
what is GTFO mean???

| >>616828 GTFO means Get The Fuck Out

| yes we are and we will jump you for dat cocc
>hews dirty jack

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This thread is permanently archived