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i'm on nofap. none of you can get me hard.

| try it nerds

or not, and this thread'll get buried.

| Nofap is good and all but you can't prevent yourself from getting hard, you've still a body like any other, can't help it. You can decide to not act on it, that's the bloody point of this whole thing.

| >>615480
uh, no.

| >>615484 what, you gonna tell me it's possible to mentally block your boner like it's some kind of switch? If so, teach me, random bones are killing me.

| >>615486
I will kill you with my random boner daddy~

| >>615487 begone, fiend!

| >>615486
stop watching porn altogether, get busy with other things, don't fantasize
>slut pate talc

| >>615489
I would never leave you daddy! I love you too much <3

| >>615491
i know fully well that i could go the entire year without masturbating or even ejaculating (first year into nofap i had neverending wet dreams... yeah)

the only real obstacle is i'm not motivated enough for that because every so often you just stumble across... you know... THAT picture, THAT drawing that just hits every soft spot in your degenerate black heart

| >>615493 prodigious love alone does not dissuade the sharpened blade

| >>615498
I will accept death and torture to any blade as long as it's for you daddy~

| >>615498 >>615500
are you making fun of me

| >>615500 Tortured and reclusive... this man is more dangerous than he seems...

| >>615506
I am only dangerous to your enemies daddy~

| >>615506 >>615508
fucking >kinky oct memo

| >kink karma best
wtf captchan

| >>615508 This is no place for the weak, or the foolhardy.

| >>615511
I am not weak nor foolhardy! I am always strong when I'm with you daddy~

| >>615512 Slumped shoulders, wild eyes, and a stumbling gait - this one is no more good to us.

| >>615514
Slumped shoulders? I always keep a good posture for you daddy~

| >>615515 The thing is more terrible than I can describe - an incoherent jumble of organ, sinew and bone.

| >>615516
Those are the components I have made off, yes, but they are not an incoherent jumble! I have a perfect form I have gotten because I know it is to your liking daddy~

| OP, so you are saying that you no fapped so hard that you get erectile disfunction?

| I think I may have erectile disfunction. The only way I can properly get hard now is if my asshole is played with. My girlfriend finally started rubbing my butthole while jerking me off. Failed to cum like the last 10 times we had sex. But didn't take more than 10 minutes when she started rubbing my asshole.

| >>615518 Remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.

| >>615526
somewhat but not really, i don't get easy erections thinking about stuff but i will definitely get hard watching ero stuff
time for femdom

| I'm half awake right now and can't read most of this without my glasses, but when I get up, I will Kazuki Zuki 5 Dollars Takahashi your dick until you draw Torrential Tribute, you third rate duelist.

| shockchan.com
My work here is done.

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