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I miss the comments on nhentai

| Anyone know why they are disabled and/or *still* disabled?

Comment fodder...

| Idk
They are disabled for me but I see people commenting on new uploads
I was registered when there were no email requirement, ffs

| Hm, I can't say I've seen any new comments. I have a login, but I rarely use it. Possibly they are blocked if not logged in? That seems weird though.

| NHentai was shitty from the beginning. Move on to e-hentai and most importantly ex-hentai. NHentai is just bloat.

| >>615380
Nhentai is dope
Also i use apple and am a faggot

| >>615380 i just want a quick compressed image while i speed run though 14 doujinshi in 1 nut

| >>615380 what>>615382 she>>615435 said. Also I don't make ex-hentai work and am sad panda so what have they got that nhentai doesn't? Besides maybe comments...

| >>615435
why is this so true

| >>615601 well nhentai gets everything from e- & ex so whatever the admins of nh don't want on their site

E- also has comments, form, economy used to buy high quality zips of the whole doujin or put out hits for work that needs to be uploaded or translated

BTW to get ex just make an account and wait a week it's not that hard if it doesn't work clear cookies for ex and you'll be in (if logged into e-

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This thread is permanently archived