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| Okay, so, crossdressing OP here, and the clothes arrived a week early! I haven't tried them yet, I just unpacked them, but it looks like the hoodie dress is going to fit perfectly, and the thigh highs only reach my knee, but I'm 6'2, so that part was expected.

I'm gonna take a shower before I try them and then I'll update you. Thank you so much for the support and suggestions in the last thread!

| Cute legs pics, pwease
You won't believe it, but
> sissy

| ^w^
Hope you feel cute OP

| Okay, so, I tried them and I've been wearing them for a bit now. I haven't really gotten to walk around in them. I think I really like it. It's weird, because I'm not used to it, but I feel cute and I really like that.

Maybe. My legs are quite hairy though, so it wouldn't be that cute.

I feel nice. I think I really like it. I feel cute and feminine, and I really enjoy it.

| shave

| >>615395
I don't really want to though. I like feeling cute and feminine but I don't want to shave. I enjoy having body hair, which is probably weird. I meant I don't mind not looking like a girl. Like, I'm not a feminine boy, but rather a boy who enjoys feminine clothing.

| *I mean

| >>615402 you do understand that both desires conflict with each other? Can't have your cake and eat it too. Get a gf so she'll dress femininly for you and stop hiding in your room with lingerie.

| >>615406
Uh, I'm not sure you read what I wrote. I just enjoy wearing feminine clothing homie. Where's the problem?
(I wish I had lingerie)

| >>615410 you like feminine clothes but want to preserve body hair and shit, how's that not a contradiction?

| >>615412
How is that a contradiction? I like wearing the clothes. That's it. I'm sorry if you're mad you can't get fetish pics from a 16 year old, but why can't I just like what I like? Wearing this is making me really happy. Is there something wrong with that?

| >>615417 oh, I wouldn't want degenerate photography from anybody, it disqusts me to the core. I, however, fail to understand why you would go out of your way to wear women's clothes if not for the reason of fetishism or playing pretend. Women's clothing in general is so inconvenient and impractical that I fail to see why women would wear them as well, but that's a whole other story.

| >>615425
It's not fetishism and I don't want to be a girl. I just think female clothing looks a lot better than male clothing and it's a lot cuter, and I enjoy feeling cute. There's nothing sexual about it and I'm not trans. I just like crossdressing.

Also, you say impractical, but did you read the start of the thread? How is a hoodie dress and knee high socks impractical?

| >>615426 inconvenient is the other term I used. Knee high socks seem like the epitome of inconvenience, they grasp your calves and are just the right length to supposedly cover your knees but due to friction will always retreat lower, creating pockets of sheer annoyance at the base of your foot. I've never wore a hoodie dress, God forbid, and it does look better than most other crap you could put on your torso as a woman but the way it cuts off at the base of hips just looks wrong

| >>615426 besides, how would one be capable of feeling cute with leg fur the length of a yak's? Although the desire to feel cute is completely alien to me so maybe I just don't understand something about it. Just seems impossible to consider a man with masculine features as cute in any capacity.

| >>615451 sounds like you're making an awful big deal out of not being attracted to men. Congratulations? I don't think op is trying to seduce you though

| >>615455
Yeah, fuck this. I was really excited but, shit. I hate toxic cunts. I just wanted to update the people who were nice to me. Fuck this.

| I just want to be happy.

| >>615455 considering someone cute and considering them attractive are two different things. Has nothing to do with preferences.
Initially I just wanted to point out a contradiction like an ass but now I'm genuinely interested in OP's desires, for me it's like watching a puzzle and figuring out what makes it tick. I do still want to know whether he wants to be cute in a feminine or in some other way, because the former seems impossible while the latter is a puzzle of its own.

| >>615461
Could you just leave me the fuck alone? I don't want your fucking opinion when you don't want to listen. I can't explain the fucking science behind who I am and what I like. I should just give up on this thread. I know you're just gonna respond to this shit with some long ass post explaining how you're so fucking superior, how you're unable to leave things that you don't understand alone and just further prove how fucking pathetic you are.

| I'm sorry.

| I guess more than 30 minutes of anything resembling happiness is too much to ask.

| >>615462 if you're feeling that offended by an internet post then perhaps it'd be better to not expose yourself to it at all. In either case it seems I'm not getting anywhere either, just want to say now that I simply wanted to learn the insides of your mind without invoking any wrath. Could've just said no but you've indulged me and I desired more. Of course I'm not gonna leave something I don't understand alone if I can try to learn more about it, that's more exciting.

| >>615402

| >>615468
If you want to have an actual conversation then don't start off by insulting me. I'm sorry if I'm sensitive, but I can't help it. I know you're probably a perfect human specimen who doesn't get any negative feelings from something as simple as words, but I told you earlier I'm 16. I'm far from fully developed and I'm really insecure about this shit. I have anxiety about not being accepted constantly. Last time I posted here people were nice to me for once.

| >>615472 because that's the wonder of internet - post whatever the shit you like and not care about the reaction. As long as you keep that in mind it should be easy to not give a single crap about anyone's words in the swirling shithole of the w3.
Can't say I'm not at fault for the insult, yeah, just so enticing when it's so easy to shit those out. Try not to take it personally over the internet, aye mate? Is' all just banter either way, we're not deciding world affairs here.

| >>615472 so yeah, sorry mate. If you don't want to talk about crap then just say so. People are no animals, we can keep it in our pants if we try.

| >>615475 well he did say no

| >>615475
Apparently not. I thought it was pretty obvious I just wanted a thread talking about my new hobby, not some pathetic cunt telling me how I thinks people like me look like shit. I know you're not sorry bro. If doing this shit made you feel bad you wouldn't have started this shit in the first place.

I did, but people like him just can't help put push their shit down people's throats.

If ignoring shit online is so easy, you could have just ignored this cunt.

| >>615481 oh wait, that bit about not finding body hair cute was the one? Or the assumption of fetishism? Cmon, don't keep a man waiting, I have to know which one did you in so bad. For future reference, y'know, don't wanna step on a hornets nest on purpose.

| I believe it was the blatant trolling. Fuck off, dangeru is better off without you. The world, too, if you're not faking it

| >>615483
You're kinda correct, yeah. Just the whole fucking up the thread for his own enjoyment. I just wanted a thread about crossdressing because I'm interested in it and I know others here are too.

A couple suggestions:
You should stop your half-assed attempts at charisma. They just make you look even more pathetic.

I know you love attention and you're probably starved for it, but get it in ways that aren't ruining shit for others.

Telling him to die is a little far though.

| >>615485 I'm not that bad of a man, attention is never my goal, neither was running it down into a trainwreck, really, but can't deny it was a ride. Don't assume malice to something that could be simple stupidity.

| >>615488
Don't get your kicks from shitting on other people, and try to use this to understand what kind of behaviour people dislike so you don't get fucked up for it later in life or at least aren't surprised when people dislike you.

Now let's end this here, yeah?

| >>615490 in all honesty I still haven't a clue what got you this mad. Seemed like your typical interview stuff to me, although maybe that was the deal. Feel like a retard for not getting it yet.

| >>615495
Now let's end it here, yeah?

| >>615499 aye, aye, whatever you say.

| Thank you.

| Okay, so to bounce back from that, I've got a little update.

After wearing the clothes for half a day I'm starting to get used to it, and I really like it. They are comfortable and easily the cutest clothes I have. I want to find more stuff now that I could wear, preferably more on the casual side. I think I have gotten myself a new hobby though that I already really enjoy!

| I'm glad you found something you like! You're making me want to try it now.

This one bothering you is danger/u/'s singular, usually ineffective troll. Normally we just ignore em. They still don't take the hint and leave though, so we all have to pretend they don't exist. Sorry they bothered you.

| >>615535
It's alright. I probably enabled him quite a bit. I'm glad too! It's really nice.

| > imagine taking that bait

| Ok, OP I have nothing against trans or LGBT community, but you sounded like a person who just graduated from forum/social media that only allows thumbs up and positive comments.

First of all, this is not your first thread. This is your second (if not third) thread about crossdressing. If the thread died because it lacks activity, that would probably mean not that much gurls interested in your topic, thus update is not necessary.

| >>615584
The g/u/rls in the last thread asked me to update them when I got the clothes, so I did.

I don't expect only positivity. That's unreasonable. I was just having a bad day and fell for some dumb fucking bait and it pissed me off. I mean, it was basically my fault, and that just made me hate myself a lot more when I was already having bad anxiety. Sorry.

| Secondly, if you post something on the internet, you should expect people shit on you, question you, or get what you are saying wrong. If that happens on socia media and forums, then more will happen if you post it in anon board.
Plus, there're a lot of gurls encouraging you, but you somehow focuses on the one gurl who question you and throw a tantrum.

| Thirdly, >>7609af sounds pretty decent/level headed IMO. She even explained how his view about how uncomfy girl clothes are, but nobody seems to engage in that discussiom and label her as a troll/toxic.

Trust me, if you venture out more, those are very tame level of criticism. I've seen nastier stuff even amongst inner circle group chat.

| >>615587 *her view

| >>615585 no problem, it did seem like you just had a bad day.

Ok, lastly, have fun with your cross dressing endeavour. If you have fun and you hurt nobody, just keep doing it, my gurl.

| Though, as a gurl that doesn't crossdress, I would appreciate the crossdresser that can explain about the appeal of it.

| >>615592
I guess that's something that bothered me too. I can't really explain it and I think that makes me even more insecure about it.

Yeah, I know I overreacted.

Thanks bro.

| This entire thread is a rollercoaster ride.

| >>615602 you don't fucking say, someone stood up to me. A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

| >>615605 why do upset bro? Just a long unnecessary debate with op.

Hey op glad your enjoying those clothes. I'm the g/u/rl that mentioned that site.

| >>615674
Thank you for that site. I haven't ordered anything yet, but when I've got a bit of money again I want to.

| Hey I just got here and I want you to know that you should do whatever the fuck makes you happy. As long as you are not hurting anyone, you can do whatever you want.
More power to you, OP.

| >>615674 debating is fun.

| >>615721
I will, thank you. I wish more people had your mentality.

| Seriously though, why do many of the threads in /d/ end up with these kinds of argument?

| Because asshats think it's "fun to debate uwu" and some g/u/rls feed that desire by reacting in the exact way said asshats want.

| >>8ca037 forget the troll and do what you want

| >>615761
Because some people just love pretending like they're having an argument when they're really just spamming bait shit, and then someone like me is having a bad day and doesn't ignore it like they should.

Thank you.

| Hey OP! (Bra thread/Hoodie dress suggestion g/u/rl)

Wow, this sure was a ride to read through.
But in the end all that matters is that you feel good with what you're doing and since that seems to be the case, I'm happy for you!

I probably would've reacted the same two years ago tbh, but be sure that one day you'll randomly remembers this and laugh about it.
Sometimes the best solution is to take a break before engaging in '"discussions"'. We're on Dangero/u/s Opinions, after all!

| >>615850
I'm really grateful for your suggestion. I'm really loving the hoodie dress and wish I could wear it constantly.

Yeah, I should have taken some time to calm down. I'm going through a lot of shit right now, so I should have just not engaged. Hopefully I've learned though.

| >>615854
Take some time away from the screen and enjoy your new comfy clothes!

| you know whats comfy? not this thread xd

jkjk everyone just chill my friends... why so serious?

| >>615873
That sounds nice. It's not really the screen doing it now though. I'm trying to quit nicotine and I'm having pretty bad withdrawals after less than a day. I'll get to chill in them for a bit tomorrow though, so that's gonna be nice.

| Op is a faggot

| >>615996 nice

| >>615996
Not by definition, but in spirit.

| >>712234 This is why we need Islam

| >>616205
No we don’t

| >>615996
So what.
If a dude likes to suck cocks - more power to him.
Being a faggot is much better than being a neo-faggot.

| >>616210
I haven't tried sucking dick and the idea isn't too appealing, also, I don't want this to devolve into yet another bait back and forth.

| >>616211
Are you the op?
You are cute.

| >>616219
Yes, I am.
Thank you :)

| I will have sex with OP.

| Some gay ass shit ngl

| >>616231
I am underage :)


| >>616238 I will wait two years to have sex with OP.

| >>616238
That's even better!

| >>616241
I will allow it, but without my consent.


| >>616210 it is disgusting and homosexuality is a disease

| Crossdressing is cool and all but facts are facts: hairy legs are not cute. Neither are armpits. Neither your dick. Be a man and shave, you will never be cute with that gross hair all over your body.

| >>616370 is the goal to be cute and have others think you're cute? or is it to feel cute and find yourself cute? maybe OP can do this in a way that makes them happy, not you happy.

| >>616376
Exactly. I don't care if others think it's cute or not. I feel cute when I wear it and that's what I care about.

| So you just find hairy legs cute, weird taste, but sure, whatever makes you happy

| >>616511
Not exactly, but sure. Let's go with that.

| >>616511 in all honesty, that WAS a thing I wondered about as well. Enjoying feeling cute while not being cute by your own standards? That is quite interesting

| >>616518
I'm not fucking psychiatrist bro. I can explain why I feel the shit I feel. I just know that wearing it makes me feel cute, and feeling cute makes me happy. That's legit all I know about it.

| >>616519 which is why I'm interested, the human mind is an enigma - constantly at odds with itself, constantly contradicting. I guess I'd compare it to watching a zoo animal, but that's kind of insulting.

Captchan : gayer abort marks

| >>616518 OR OP is just a faker who made up the whole story bc he has nothing better to do. Can't discard that possibility

| So much bait in this thread.

| >>616542
For real. I guess I'm just fun to bait or some shit.

| To be fair hairy legs are a bait themselves

| >>616603
Yeah, fair.

| >>615472 lol what a faggot

| >>8ca037 I'm just gonna assume this isn't fake because anonymity, but glad you feel cute and happy. I can relate to wanting to feel cute, I just normally don't do anything about it. You do you and try your best to ignore the people tryna bring you down ^-^

| >>616705
You should go for it! It's worth it, at least in my opinion.

| nice >:3 glad you're enjoying yourself op

| >>617065
Thank you. I sadly won't be able to do it for a while now, but hopefully I'll be able to get back into and get into it even more. It's been a few days since I've worn the clothes, and I really miss it already.

| >>8ca037 I for one live crossdressing, I do it for cosplaysand sometimes just on chill days.

| Ahhh yes, cosplay. The ultimate excuse to crossdress. I will use that in the future!

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