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Where do you all get your porn from?

| Honestly, as far as 3D goes, I use reddit. It's about all it's good for. Tons of good OC there. For 2D, I use E-Hentai. It's the best choice imo.

P.S:I'm doing nofap starting today, I'm just curious what you g/u/rls use for gathering porn

| exhentai and pixiv mostly

| nhentai for doujins and hanime for video 18+.

| I used to get it all from tumblr. Now, reddit, nhentai, and assorted boorus.

| >>615286

| >>615281 nhentai and Pixiv, but special shout-out for Pixiv.

My only beef is that their phone app can't deal with my rabbit-holeing and eventually crashes after I'm 300 similar artists/works/tags deep. I would rather it just gives up on remembering the oldest stuff in the chain. If it crashes I lose the whole chain, so losing just the oldest history would be preferable.

| t h e d a r k w e b

| I love sex.

| >>615427 fuck sex.

| I'm coomin!

| >>615452 oral seggs better

| For kinky 2d shit, which I mostly am down the rabbit hole, I use Pixiv, Twitter and DeviantArt. But bear in mind those sites require accounts to enable the R18 content. And I'm mostly logged in all the time, cuz' I stopped giving a shit long ago

| >>615374 holy shit 300.
But yeah, I feel you in some way

| >>615530
How's the DeviantART scene these days?
Haven't actively been on there since 2012.

| >>615452 That's the spirit o/

| >>615557 Honestly? Most of the people I follow rarely even post there, aside from Patreon links. Some have even migrated to Pixiv, and I think it's because the site is now more foreigner-friendly than it was a few years ago. That and, you know, having a lot bigger userbase

| Jav guru, Jav max, xvideos and pornhub for 3d.Tsumino and nhentai for 2d

| I upload videos on Pornhub.

| >>615280
2D:Nhentai,e-hentai,danbooru and gelbooru
3D: Reddit, Idol Complex, Pornhub and Xvideos

| Does anyone remember using tube8?

| >>615675 JAV guru is legit, forgot about that one.

| I want to fuck Ai Uehara so bad.

| >>615769 i like Mirai Aoyama because she seems like she's legitimately have a great time and likes to make people happy. She's not super popular though.

| >>615805
Not sure if I've watched her before or not. If so I don't know her by name. So I think I'm going to check some vids out for her next time I'm in the mood to fap. Next on my JAV list would have to be Yui Hatano.

| Anyone know the one stop download/torrent for gravure vids? Finding JAV is easy, but once the same actress does a gravure video, for some reason it is really hard to find, even if I have the code and stuff.

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