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Dungeon AI

| I tried a fantasy story and ended up cooking soup for goblins during an invasion as the owner of a restaurant, and marrying a tall orc gf who i feed soup to every morning. I can't stop please help me

| In one of my campaigns I somehow ended up raping an infant, dropping the corpse in the nearby well and afterwards intimidating its terrified mother into bringing me teenage boys as tribute by standing menacingly over her and exclaiming : "I am Chad!", brandishing my pitchfork like a royal regalia all the while.
The sheer amount of sociopathic behaviours you can indulge in is fucking terrific

| >>615087 keep doing it. Your FBI agent is probably some kind of SCP that feeds on sociopathic behaviors.

Lewd you FBI agent.

| >>615092 might as well find a custom campaign with NSFW FBI agent

| >>615092 I am disappointed in this community.

| I have a custom campaign that's basically the "little sister living with older brother" hentai plot, and holy shit, it gets wild. Like, yeah, I have more insane campaigns, but I haven't nutted this hard since I [borderline illegal], and this is honestly so much better. It has actually gotten to the point where I've started taking care of my fictional AI generated sister outside of nut-time. I use /revert every time there's a plot hole. Please help me. I'm being consumed.

| No wonder >>34bad3 enjoys indulging in sociopathic behaviour.

| >>615098 not exactly enjoying in a fantasizing way, more of a "Jesus fucking Christ, I'm here just to see how much more degenerate this can get" kinda feeling. Similar but very different implications.

| >>615106
I was referring to your seemingly split personality (happens to the best of us) in >>615095 and>>615096.

| >>615108 that was me being disappointed in the fact that there are no NSFW FBI campaigns present. Still am, I expected more degeneracy.

| >>615109
Degeneracy is nice :)

| In mine I sacrificed a priest, ate their heart, fought some shadows, became a giant, ate the shadows, returned home, went to a bar, left with a farmer and ate the woman he kidnapped.

| Y'all need to post the logs or whatever so I can understand how you are interacting with it. I couldn't get it to do squat, just random gibberish that was vaguely coherent sometimes maybe...

| >>615298
I just write really detailed shit, and if it gives me some gibberish I use /revert to undo the action and write the same thing slightly differently until it works.

| >>615302 that sounds tedious as hell haha

| >>615371
It is, but most of the time it works fine, and the few times I have to re-write I just copy paste and change a word.

| >>615385 well I still want to see some printouts :)

| >>615600
Some printouts?

| >>615609 Post links to stories, nigga.

| >>615633
Nah fuck that.

| >>615109

It's late at night, the arcade is closed. You, the owner, decided to pop a coin into the [GAME] machine and play. As usual, the "winners don't use drugs" screen appears.

Suddenly, it glitches. A tiny humanoid figure walks into the screen from it's corner.

"It's me, Phoebe, the FBI program designated to this arcade machine", said the girl in the screen.

>I'm a master storyteller, as you can see.

| >>615653

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