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Speedrun Strats on Getting a GF

| I'm only part kidding. I've been lonely most of my life and I'm sick of it. I'm horny as all hell and fapping is too sad. If it helps, I'm over 6' and pretty fat. Not in a "seek help" kind of way but it's noticable I do have a bigger gut than I want. I'm doing school online atm and hsve since 11th Grade. I'm in senior year now.

If I'm hopeless go ahead and say so now. I'm not really a social person outside of obscure weeb shit. I'm only really capable of doing so online.

| Hey man, look, I think that you should go for runs to get a bit of exercise. Remember to feed your body properly(there's plenty of guides online), and stick to a routine. Start off small, like maybe just jog around the block every two days or something. When you start to feel like you're getting the hang of it, just ramp it up a little bit. Maybe every day, and then maybe in the morning and in the afternoon. Maybe by then you will be more confident to approach people and chat. Pt.1

| Just remember to pace yourself, and don't wear yourself out. If you feel awkward around people, perhaps go to the local library and sit around in the manga section or whatever. You might see someone reading one of your "obscure weeb shit" things, and you could start chatting about it. I just want to encourage you and say that I believe in you. Go ahead and forge your reality. Pt2

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I'll keep you posted, I guess. Just asking but how often did you run starting out?

| I'm not him but start with 1.5 km. definitely pace urself. it is better to run slower for longer amounts of time than to run fast but not have stamina to maintain it.

you can also alternatively 20 to 10 sprint/workout exercise ie. 10 seconds of high intensity work followed by 20 seconds of rest. and do reps of that, it's pretty effective!

good luck girl

| Yes, please keep us posted! C; gud luck!

| Apparently the best way to speedrun into GF territory is to just been yourself. Eventualy youll find someone but first you just need to relax and stop thinking bad shiet about yourself. I know its hard but youll make it for sure! 3 people are counting on you now! Go go G/u/rl you can do your best! You can change, you can keep doing your stuff, you can always come back if you want, the only thing you need to do is to do more things, maybe start a new hobbie, ppl will join you zoon!

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