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Do futas dream of electric cummies

| Every night, I always dream of futa girls raping me. It finally happened. I woke up to find a cute, young, pink haired anime girl sitting on top of me. She giggled, flipped me over and proceeded to rape me. Sliding her futanari cock in and out of my asshole while rubbing her titties on my back.

| It wasn't long before I had finally came. The anime girl pulled out of my ass and began to sword fight my 3 inch penis, until I squirted cum into her shaft. She squirted into my shaft. It was at that moment I realized, we had become cum-mates.

| Greg, you may delude yourself into thinking your uncle is an animated character and post your delusion on the internet as a point of pride but it won't change the fact that you're a schizo with a ripped orifice

| >>614820
>gets raped by uncle
>pride month!
tfw el gee bibbay

| what the fuck

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This thread is permanently archived