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Thought on the word trap

| This is coming from a bit of a place of frustration and I kinda just wanna get a good conversation going that (though undeniably likey) doesn't end in a shit throwing contest on who's ideals are the correct ones, I just wanna hear what people's takes on it is because I hear it get a lot of shit as a trans slur, from which I'll say, "yeah it can be used like that, but it shouldn't, I think it should be used as to describe feminine men who crossdress and present more androgynous"

| Giving a bit of background about myself I used to be a super annoying hyper "politically correct" asshole who would flame people who used the word trap without knowing the context to it, I got exposed to a much more rational and dare I say healthy mindset about a year+ ago and it's helped me get outta a real shitty echochamber of ideals, and now I can say as a man that aims to present more feminine than male while still identifying as male, that trap isn't necessary a slur

| TL;DR, Trap should be used as its original meaning for crossdressing males and not a slur against trans people, but also people should calm down whenever they hear it and only get mad when it's being used incorrectly as a slur, I kinda like having a word that describes what I am and shit without being flames for using it

| How is trap a goddamn slur though? Like what, you need a fucking T word pass to use it if you're not part of the group? Or can you only say trap without the hard r?
The fuck kinda meaning does trap even have as a slur?

| The way I've always thought of it is that "trap" is essentially a porn search term and doesn't apply to real people. If I met someone who wanted to be called that I could do it, but I'd rather use more polite terms for people. When I do use it though, it's never in a derogatory way or a bad connotation, just a classification.

As to calling anime characters traps, people often tell me it's bad to. I think that's silly, cause anime characters don't have any feelings.

| Also I would point out that if there are men who crossdress and other non-trans effeminate men who do want to be called traps, I almost never see them online. I feel like a lot of communities about them have been taken over by trans girls. Look at r/crossdressing for example.

| >>565d22
Slur wise it's for when you want to say a transgirl is "trapping" a guy into believing shes a girl with a vagina. The offence comes in when the transgirls dont have any intention of that or sex in the first place. I can understand a person's preferance for not wanting to bed someone who youre not physically attracted to, but to outright deny further interactions just because they didnt say what was in their pants when you met them seems dumb to me.

| Its like calling someone Chinese, Japanese deliberately. Slur in that sense maybe.

I can tell you as a crossdresser who loves the term trap that the pressence online very much exists. Mainly in our own groups.
Also Bailey Jay is a trans girl who will use trap.

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jXEJ-a0YzU
heres a good video to watch.

| My biggest problem with calling it a slur is
1 that is propagated by people not even involved in crossdressing community.
2 that it is legitimately trying to erase crossdressers and traps as a thing by removing a self identifying word. This is a problem the lgbt people have is erasing the betweens. I'm also bisexual and have been told to "pick a side" with these people. Happens as a trap too.
its why i abhor the lgbt label.

| i don't wanna read any of that wall of text
generally i hate """lgbt""" crap
and i also hate people that have to invent problems in order to feel existed (such as crafting delusions about how words are hurtey and me whiney from them)

| >>56a28a glad to see someone posting Rika's video :)

| >>614474
He did a very good job explaining it.
Even corrected a part i found to be wrong within the comments.

| Yeah, fuck that. I found out not too long ago that a streamer I watch views it as a slur and doesn't allow it in chat, saying it's transphobic. That's when I found out some people view it as a slur, and that's just wrong. Like, it has nothing to do with trans people, and as someone who's just getting into crossdressing, I really wouldn't mind being called that. There's nothing wrong with the word. Why people gotta make okay words into no no? Fuck that.

| >>614490
welcome to the world, which fucking hates PC "culture".

| I've had this sorta discussion with friends before but it's almost like what if, say calling a girl who is into dudes that later in life is a trans man (but still is into dudes) "straight", it in that context would be an insult and has negative intent, But that doesn't make the word "straight" a slur, you're taking a word/description of another group and turning it into a "slur" while "giving" it a new meaning that is no where near the original intent or definition

| >>614466
Bailey Jay helped bring the term mainstream and they, of course, have misunderstood it. But she'll always be linetrap to me.

| I have a weird relationship with the term trap... I used to id as one before I knew I was trans, but sometimes I think it's fun to be called a trap or to call myself a trap. But also sometimes it just feels bad abd gross too.. idk ;P

| I don't like the word. I don't see how you can view it as a nice word. Traps are for catching prey. Using that word for crossdressing just seems rude.

| >>615073
But, isn't it kinda rude to assume that we dislike the word and find it to be rude? I see the word as more fun and playful than anything negative.

| >>615073 traps are made to be deceiving, crossdressers make up the appearance of a woman to be deceiving, therefore crossdressing = traps

| >>615073
The point is to make the appearance of a woman. If wanted to look like Alex Armstrong in a dress I'd call myself a drag queen, i don't. I want to look like a cute anime boy.
Heres why i view it as a nice word.
Astolfo, Felix, Chihiro, Hayate, all these traps are god damn adorable.
Theres a video linked before, watch that for more explination.

| >>615073 I suppose yeah it's a perspective thing but I personally subscribe to the idea of taking a word that could have had negative meaning and reshaping it to be more so a word of brotherhood, friendship, or in this case just a nice harmless descriptor, there also comes a point where someone actually confuses you for a woman, and that's the moment the word makes sense, it's also just a nice moment cuz then you know your effort at presentation worked out!


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when will you fags understand words only hurt you if you let them weak ass bitches

| >>615090 you sound pretty mad about words

| >>615110

| Just kill trannies tbh

| >>615112 >>615090
Aww upset your pp hard and don't kno what to do >:3c

| >>55080d not saying I don't agree but damn that's one way to put it

| Any word can be used as a slur in the right context, so the whiners are just continuing to be retarded.

| >>615170
actually no i'm on nofap
you're such a spoonbag

| I always associate the word "trap" with the weeb culture. I never know how the word is being used outside of that context, and crossdressers that I know who use that word are also fuckin weebs. In other words, it's a harmless word, but if "outsiders" hate it I don't see a big loss from it. If you want to be extra ironic just say otoko no ko and see who gets it.

| Actually, I take that back. People hating words without considering context is a big loss for humanity.

| >>614414
Speaking of traps, I don't know how I should feel about liking cross-dressing women so much. I'm perfectly straight but women trying to pass as men, binding their chests... I love 'em.
I'm also into a few aspects of bondage so maybe it's got to do with the secrecy and trust involved in unveiling the disguise. Either way I think it's aesthetic as fuck.

| >>615728
Bro, who doesn't? It's awesome.

| Thus is tired af

| Tbh just glad this didn't turn into a bit shit throwing contest, Twitter's got me expecting it whenever someone says "trap"

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