good lewd games?

| I'm tired of VN and RPG. The only lewd game I unironically like recently are HuniePop and Sakura Dungeon because of the gameplay. I haven't tried Princess & Conquest tho, I heard from a friend that it's highly anticipated so maybe I'll try it later when it's less Early Access-ey. Lemme know what you got anons.

| oh my god I just said I'm tired of RPG and then lists Sakura Dungeon and P&C

I'm tired of RPG Maker games* that should do it

| I'll just give you my favorite.

If you want a lewd game that lets you do whatever your depraved mind craves, look up lilith's throne. It has an RPG combat system, full body modifications through potions, a whole ton of content that can be allowed or disallowed and the ability to shag anything with a pulse, in any way you want.

And the lewd bits starts just after character creation, no waiting around.

It is text based, but it has excelent writing. All completly for free.

| IMO, if we are talking about dungeon crawlers, Lilitales is better than sakura games. It has voice acting, stuff to do outside of dungeons, and better art. Also, it is available in steam.

I'd also recommend Wings of Roldea. You can customize the look of the main character, there's stuff to do outside of dungeon, and it doesn't look like a visual novel.

Or, maybe try living with a girl sim like teaching feeling (aka headpat sim), one room: runaway girl, and monochrome imouto

| Oh, if you are up for dress up games, there're always Koikatsu and Custom Maid 3d2.

| Fortnite because even Hitomi Tanaka plays it a lot.

| >>612378
> picks male
> picks androgynous
> You will be referred to as trap.
this game is awesome

I tried them. Not.. really my cup of tea. Don't get me wrong, they are well made. They just put efforts in places I don't really care about.

| >>612409 well, that's kinda expected, since I hate sakura games with my guts. I guess we just have a very different taste.

| >>612422

| >>612378
>Non-patrons can compile preview builds from Github
so it's not free? also what the fuck is all these files, i can't do anything with them

| >>612423
>brave rages whoa
my previous captcha

| >>612432 >>612381
runaway girl costs actual money and has no linux version

| >>612432 >>612434
and there is no download site for wings of roldea
lilitales is on steam, which is dead to me

| >>612432 it's free, but you have to compile it yourself, the convince of pre-built binarys costs money

So learn to compile it maybe ask /tech/ or pay

| >>612438
i can't i'm stupid
why would it cost money to release a compiled version

| >>612440 I missed "preview build" if it's actually not the full version then I retract my statement

But to answer your question, it's not super uncommon in open source, people who can't afford it can learn to compile it and those who can support the developers to make more improvements

| >>612440 >>612432 here's a link you subhuman troglodytes https://lilithsthrone.blogspot.com/2019/10/version-0351-hotfix.html Look under the v0.3.5.1 Download Links

| >>612409 Hint, if you want the big money, look for tiles in the overworld alleys that are purple shaded. They hold demons, who can change body shape at will. Enslave them, make them produce maximum milk, hook them up to a milking machine and enable autosell milk.

| >>612434 >>612435

For Wings Of Roldea and Lilitales, go visit /h/ board on 4ch and find /hgg2d/ thread. On the opening post, there should be link to it on either the pastebin or ipfs.

For Runaway Girl, I am not sure since /hgg2d/ hates visual novel-like stuff, I don't think they have it on their pastebin. Try go to sukebei nya and search for 1room or akari blast

Of course, they are available on dlsite if you don't want to pirate.

| >>612458
uMatrix has prevented the following page from loading

i'm not whitelisting ads and spyware for your dubious download link you probably just lied about

| >>612469
i didn't see any links in your post, strange

| >>612526 I'm not going to spoonfeed you anymore than than. I basically already handed you a map with giant X marks on it. I am neither the dev nor your dick, I get no benefit from you playing the game.

If you (or your dick) care enough for the porn, your brain (or primate instinct) will force you to put extra effort for it.

| >>612539
wtf i thought i was talking to my dick
fuck you what have i been rubbing all this time??

| >>612539 Give them a hand and they will take the whole arm. Everything is handed out on a silver platter nowadays and writing "sauce?" became some kind of golden ticket. Makes me furious how entitled some people got. Feels good to see someone going against that.
>>612526 And fuck this attitude.

Rant over. Back to the games. How about Rance? I know someone who hates VNs but loves the Rance games. Never played them myself though

| >>612557

| Corruption of Champions (CoC), Tales in Tainted Space (TiTs), Tales of Androgeny, Hardcoded...

| >>612569 I see what you did there.
Nice one gurl

| play sengoku rance and then play none of the others because they're all trash

| >>612525
gurl pls, why do you have blogspot.com globally blocked?

| >>612557 Rance is well, uh... I have to agree with most people that say "just play Sengoku Rance". I found the other entries quite forgetable. I think I played Rance 1-4 and I can't remember much. I guess if you really like the art and Rance's shenaningans, you'll enjoy the other games, else just play Sengoku Rance and if you want more of that, move on to Daibanchou.

| Don't understand, Koikatsu doesn't count?

| >>612640
dude I have the exact same sentiment about Rance games. Sengoku was the first one I played and it was fun. The others are okay but aside from fucking the save goddess I don't remember much about them.

| anybody got a link for latest teaching feelings version? all I found are old ones and a bunch of viruses but I don't have money to buy the official one

| >>612884 go to /h/ board of 4ch. Then find the teaching feeling thread. The current one should have a link to the latest english version. Apparently, they were working on the official english version before the dev went bananas and cut ties with the translator.

| >>612897
their only link is to buy the game, everything else is a mod

| >>612946 you find with torrent? Just search in nyaa. The top one shpuld be the latest version.

| And my bad, I wasn't talking about links in the opening post, there's a google link down below and I just assumed that it was a link to the game. Turns out, it is a link to the drama lol.

| shinobi girl

| Checkout the "Sunrider" series by "Love in Space". It's a surprisingly good space-opera waifu VN featuring a turn-based spaceship/mecha battle simulation.
According to the big cliffhanger in the last game there will come a sequel at some point.

| You degenerates probably already know about fenoxo’s text based rpgs but eh. CoC 1 is janky (no map which gets fucky when you’re in a dungeon, discovering new areas essentially means you have to spam the explore button, and some genius put common lvl 6 tentacle monsters in the start area). CoC 2 and TiTS (Captain Kirk your way across the galaxy) greatly improve on the flaws although they are still in beta.

Lots of high quality waifus and husbandos, even if you exclude dickgirls

| >>613631 I agree, and I do not exclude dickgirls. CoC isn't too bad w/o map, and they added a little text based map thing for dungeons (maybe you played before that)? I have yet to exhaust the possibilities in CoC, let alone tackle the newer two. Very good quality stuff there.

| a WIP game from gobbsoft called Monolighter is cool, also the upcoming game from StudioFOW called Subverse.

| Just go on F95

| just play demonophobua

| >>613819 I’ve played CoC1’s in browser version right off the website after they put Lethice in and refused to touch it any further. There IS a structure to the dungeons, but your only navigation indicators once you go in were text clues and the available direction buttons. Had to get out pen and paper for the cum witch dungeon in particular and map by hand lol

You’ll definitely like the new stuff if you liked the old.

| That's cool and all but when is Hunie Pop 2 coming tho ?

| >>614893 I have download version that has some extras with it, like save editor and those dungeon maps (looks like NetHack sort of). Not sure where I got it. Regardless, there is TiTs and CoC2 that are being actively developed, and I can't last 5 minutes playing CoC1. Kind of sucks actually, because there is so much awesome story there, and after I cum 2 or 3 times I'm like, "I can't go on, need to play something else". LoQO had a good balance (but I think OP was anti-RPGMaker?)

| >>614924 that game was super nice, no replayability, but still high quality and legit sexy times.

| >>614924
I believe its still tba because that trailer released way too early in production

| Drop Factory

Tons of weird yet awesome fetishes. It's an RPG Maker game though.

| >>615267 RPG Maker is such a blessing and a curse. I feel like it could be so much better, and yet, people do amazing things with it, and there is nothing else on that level in widespread use.

| Degrees of Lewdity if you're fine with text based, it's based around high levels of character customization

| Zell999 made a great action platform with monster girls. Good shit.

| Insult Order

| Mirror, its on steam and is similar to huniepop but with interactable sex scenes. only couple of bucks and dlc is really good as well. Well worth it. many good wanks to be had.

| Thank you for not asking about lewd-ish games like that one autist.

| I'm looking for a game in which you can customize your character something like 3DCG but a different. I want to be able to make her wear a kimono, change her hair and body size etc and also have sex with her in game, all positions and options with cumming outside or inside. It can be 3D or 2D, doesn't really matter.

| >>616458 koikatsu or custom (order) maid 3d2

Both allows you to customize your gurls and sex them. Additional plugins may be required if you are aiming for extra thicc/sticc body. Both of them has kimonos and a lot of different hair style, just be prepared to scavenge for mods.

| Do you want vanilla stuff or..?

| I've learned about a pixel art eroge called Blueskin no Mori (Forest of the Blueskin) and its hot as fuck desu

| I've learned about a pixel art eroge called Blueskin no Mori (Forest of the Blueskin) and its hot as fuck desu

| cock



| tinkle bell - rondo duo

| Alrighty rookies. Ya want lewd games? G.Ri.M has gotcha! Student transfer, Trials in Tainted Space aka TiTS, Corruption of Champions I and II aka CoC, Free Cities, Pact with a Witch,etc. Want lovey dovey incest ya sick shiz? No worries fam I got sites bro. Lilygames, tfgamessite, fenoxo and more! Lemme know before I vomit on my wife and kids, kick my dog and shit on my neighbor's lawn cus they dissed my loli. Hurry because IM GOING TO JAIL

| Idk if someone mentioned it, but I think "Evenicle" and "Kamidori Alchemy Meister" both can satisfy your cravings. Merchant guild's "investment" covered both in a beautiful fashion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5s3jGiJOcE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDhT4TRTufo&t=42s

| akabur makes the best stuff

| >>629734 Ssethhh my g/u/rl for real.

| >>629734 Ssethhh my g/u/rl for real.

| I second above anon, games from akabur are great


| Fall of eden, and corruption of champion have really great writing, its text based tho so probably not for everyone, in both games, you can create your own MC with transformation option including dick, chest size, the gaping of your hole, tail, ear, fur, tentacle, the number of dick and breast you have, etc.

Its not for those desiring normal sex scene, also the game have cute trap gurl that you can train so they can accept your big dick, its really... inspiring

| >>615522 well they have sprites for degrees of lewidity now. So now you can get raped in hot 2D action! :D

| Check F95Zone

| Degrees of lewdity, trials in tainted space

| Look up Ryoujoku if you're a true degenerate.

| look it on https://igg-games.com/

| >>f3f7cd i was able to download a prebuilt version a while ago. And after checking the download link seems to still be there

| >>f3f7cd but yeah the building process is fucked for some reason

| Do any g/u/rls here know of any lewd games involving nylons or pantyhose and a female MC? I can't do stuff like Rance since I have trouble self-inserting...

| >>643998 same

| >>643998

| >>643998 well, the closest that I can think of is female mc with pantyhose and chainmail from Lilitales.

You are going to self-insert as the fem MC right? I hope you don't mind some corruption, tentacles, and prostitution.

| >>644093 All that stuff you said is pretty vanilla imo. Lilitales is ok though, I've played it already!

I prefer side scrollers for whatever reason, sort of like Parasite in City (if you haven't played this one, do it)

| >>644350 What about Night of Revange?

| >>6d0174 Hmmm, suppose I'll give that one another go sometime. I'm not fluent in the moon runes so I didn't put too much effort into it last time I gave it a d/l. Going to give Exclusion Zone: Hunting Ground a shot later, first.

| >>6d0174 the only problem with that game is lack of corruption tbh, at least something like Mission Mermaidens corruption system

| What about 'Third Crisis'? It's an RPG, it has got a decent gameplay and - personally - I liked a lot the adventure and the sexy situations it gives!

| >>892f5d Never tried it. In other news, mminit is making a new game. If you haven't already tried it, give Lewdest Labyrinth a shot.

| I'm looking forward to the release of Studio FOW's Subverse game coming out

| Do we know when that's coming out

| "Mirror", it's on steam. Get the uncensored patch. Voila. Spgahet.

| Under the witch xd

| check for some nutaku games, most are pretty fine, my favorite being the good old booty calls

| The other day started play lilith's throne.
Damn, i don't know why but i love the game

| Degrees of Lewdity.

| The last sovereign is RPG but it's pretty amazing.

| forest of blue skin

| Idk bud i only play Rpg'$

| Ever heard of Teaching Feeling? Sylvie's hella cute.

| So quick question after reading this feed, I'm curious if any other games are out there and if there are gameplays on any sites?

| >>678676 if they are on steam, sometimes they have gameplay trailers. But for most games in dlsite, people usually only look at the art because majority of the games have the typical RPG makers gameplay.

You can also look for them on youtube, censored.

| >>678693 thank you so much!

| >>674861 Needs more of that horny flat slave action.

| >>679434 the not flat version exists, it is called "One Room"

| Play the Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke Wo series if you want some good ero schoolgirl yuri

| Omega Labyrinth Life. I shelled out $80 on the deluxe for a "bondage whip & shield set" and some other things that prove I have no shame. You have a secondary xp bar and every time it fills you level up your boob size and power level. It goes all the way to like K and then straight to Z for the ultimate power. It's stupid funny. And this is on the Switch for some reason.

| >>684438 Is there any nudity or sex? Or is that just the main feature? :p

| If you like Lovecraftian and transformation themes,the Allure of Wanton Cove is an amazing game

| some of the nutaku stuff is actually p good,takes some time to find though

| Blacksouls 1&2 by Eeny, meeny, miny, moe? circle. actually have a cool story and very fun! >just like dark soul. Be wary of gore, violence,and other stuff tho.

| >>694700 does it has jumpscares? I wanted to try the red hood, but haven't find the time to do it.

| >>694818 it has some at the very end, Or if you anger the snake god. They only use jumpscare at climax it seem.

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