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lucid dreams are weird

| so a few months ago i decided to go sleep lucid and somehow controlled the dream to make my throbbing cock feel like it was being sucked, woke up in a instant and well, my pants were on and nobody sucked them, i went lucid again this time with 45 kissing me and riding on me, i could feel everything from the kiss to the riding and i woke up at the instant as well, nobody was kissing or riding me at the time and i was close to cumming, what the fuck is this sorcery?

| That sounds like the biggest load of bullshit I've ever heard.

| >>612214 well what can i even say, nothing in /d/ is real.

| except this thread

| >>612220 lucid dream your mom now, then send pics.

| Bro, at least try making your threads a little believable. Even though basically everything on here is fake, it's no fun when you can't even try to pretend that it's real. I like the idea though. I wish doing that was possible. Would make things a lot easier when it comes to my not so legal preference.

| This is totally posible.when you master lucid dreaming you can do everything.there are plenty guides online to get you started.keep a dream diary and dont give up to soon.its fucking worth it.you wont feel as refreshed as from normal sleep.so dont overdo it.

| >>612214 >>612275 well, how can i make a thread about dreams believable? this is the best i can say, i feel funny things on my body while dreaming.

| >>612340
Fair point.

| i tried for months with no success so i really dont know what to think

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This thread is permanently archived