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Things you want to cum under

| Public restroom's toilet paper

| a dominant loli who likes to milk peepee

| >>610710 <3 although are you saying you want to cum under, or from underneath of? I'm assuming it's the latter.

| >>610710
if i had enough cum i would do both. but only when mistress allows it.

| >>610864 mmm, yes, perhaps she would like a cum bath... you're going to have to save up for a year.

| >>610902
Bro, that shit would not stay fluid for that long! You would need to fill the cum with some weird ass chemicals or something for that to work, and that doesn't sound healthy to bathe in.

I like it.

| nagatoro's swimsuit!

| >>610922 no, no, save it up in your giant swollen nutsack for a year. Endure the pain so you can let it all out in one giant cum-pumping 4 hour long orgasm.

| >>610985
That sounds so fucking painful and realistic! I love it!

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This thread is permanently archived