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I have found a way to cum infinitely

| I have become too powerful

| Share.

| It's basically being born, and for the first two years of life, the you gradually become numb to it.

| Tell us the secrets.

| well? we're all waiting, tell us your secrets

| >>612226 too... busy... cumminggggggg

| >>612226 Search it up on the internet, it would be too difficult to explain it here.

| A god amoung men, I see

| Cumming infinitely is biologically and physically impossible. You would need an infinite source of water and food, infinite stamina, a super efficient/fast metabolism and immortality. Having access to those things would give you much more opportunities than eternal ejaculation.

| >>612408 do you honestly believe that with the head-brain to genital-brain ratio of /d/egenerates, even if they were capable of all these things, they would choose to use it in a different manner? Is so, you have too high a standard for the basement-dwelling, cum-wrangling, subhuman troglodytes

| >>612410 did someone say cum-wrangling? What'd I miss?

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This thread is permanently archived