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lost my milk peepee

| Today I finally lost my milk peepee and now I'm growing a real one, does anyone have advice for it to grow healthy? Thanks!

| I recommend grooming it every day, and remember to floss. It's also important to give it space to grow, so use no clothes at all as often as possible and when you really have to use big, baggy ones.

If you haven't already and you haven't thrown it away you should put the milk peepee under your pillow and see what happens. Who knows? Maybe the Peepee Fairy comes to visit?

| >>610431 Wow thank you so much! Is there really a Peepee Fairy? Does she like normal peepee as well?

| >>610455
Yes! She is real! She only takes milk peepee though, so you only have one chance.

| wh-what does the peepee fairy do when she finds your milk peepee?

| >>610507
She brings it with back with her to Peepee Land and puts a little surprise for you under you pillow where you put it, and don't worry. In Peepee Land your milk peepee will get to play with all the other milk peepees and live an amazing life in Peepee Land.

| Wat if I don't gots a peepee... what then? :,(

| >>610613 Do you want mine??

| >>610724 c-can I?! I always wanted to have one! A big one, with big grapefruit balls and to cum indiscriminately on, in, or under whatever I wanted.

| >>610754 All right I'll leave a note for the peepee fairy to send it to you.

| secret santa, peepee exchange edition

| >>610841 my hips are already moving on their own!!?!

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