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what the heck even is sex

| can you consume it
drink it


| do you love it?

| how can one love sex :thonk:

| Indeed

| Sex is nothing but a construct to destroy your innocence. Do not give in to their sweet talk, it is null and devoid of any reason

| It is something that can sometimes be sweet, but sometimes vicious. If done with the right person, you will have a great time. If done with the wrong person, it might scar you for life.

| >>610413 hmm interesting?

| >>610526
It truly is.

| >>610545 ok

| Ah, where is the "I love sex" guy when we most need him

| >>610545 ok

| >>610555 He's probably out there having sex, he can't be the superhero you want if he doesn't use his powers

| I love sex.

| >>610771 fuck sex

| I will kill sex

| >>610987
You don't have the power Theg had



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This thread is permanently archived