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lost my V-card today :D


| … And other jokes you can tell to yourself.

| Tell us more

| >>610241 how awful was it?

| >>610241
Getting those re-issued is a pain. Good luck getting a new card.

| I love sex.

| >>610292 fuck sex

| >>610245
any specific details you want ?

| >>610271
honestly,wasn't awful at all, we had lots of fin doing it and we laughted a lot too, it was a very cute and enjoyable thing to do.

| >>610305
Who had the bigger penis?

| >>610305
who was top

| >>610333
i did have the bigger penis, mainly because she didn't have one.
i was on top, it's tiring but enjoyable, next time she's going on top though.

| Prove it.

| >>610326
That's the kind of sex I would want to loose my virginity to. That type of wholesomeness honestly sounds better than the sexual pleasure.

| >>610349 i can take a photo of the condom, but it is on a bag inside another bag :(
>>610397 i hope that you can loose your virginity that way, is a lot more enjoyable than just putting it inside, but remember, be cafeful, to a lot of girls it hurts the first time, specially if they are virgins or your dong is too long ( both in my case, maybe, idk if 6.7 inch is long but at least here it is )

| >>610415
I hope so too. It sounds really nice. Yeah, I'm aware, and I'll be careful. Luckily my dick is perfectly average. (6.7 is pretty big btw.)

| Wait 6.7 is big? Shit I didn't know, I thought I was small this whole time...

| >>610342
Damn, he tricked you good.

| >>610417 the best of it, it's that happens naturally <3
>>610434 it's 3 cm more than average here ( too lazy and sleepy to covert cm to inch now, sorry g/u/rl )
>>610430 yeah, she said "i like how you move" and i was on top, pretty tiring, but we were close and with a lot of kisses, so worth it.

| >>610432
Most places, at least in Europe seem to have around 14 as average, so 17 is pretty damn good.

| >>610424 that's what happens when you watch too much porn

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