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public fun

| i wanna try something new,, and im wondering how you finger a girl in public?? please drop tips!

| Make sure she doesn't scream for help first.

| Please tell us this is consensual

| You lick your finger and stick it in her ear.

| You insert your finger into her vagina and use it to stimulate her clitoris while outside or in a place available to everyone, either government owned property or stores, restaurants etc. Inserting more than one finger is also possible, and you need to be able to get into the vagina. If she has clothes on you need to put your hand down her panties, but if she doesn't then you're good to go. Have fun and don't worry about them threatening to call the police. They never do it.

| I had vaginal sex with girl at the park on bench

| >>610032 omfg of course im sorry I didnt clarify :(

| >>159d86
My gf can go to McDonald's naked?

| >>610099

| >>610099
Only if she's cute

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This thread is permanently archived